Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!

We Canucks celebrate July 1st as our National Holiday-parades, no work, fireworks, you get the idea! Around our home town, there is also something called Fanfayr- a juried arts and crafts show and sale (all held outdoors) that runs until tonight. We went down yesterday. I got tie-dyed t-shirts for my husband (no, he is not a "Dead Head", he is a lover of "groovy clothes") (Still wears the same style of Levi's that he started to wear as a teen-ager)(Okay- a bit bigger now, but... same style). I also got a lovely bowl for my mother-in-law for Christmas. Her kitchen is way cool-tiled in purple-so I try to get her purple things to match it. This one is by Ashburn Pottery in Baltimore, Ontario. They also had some stunning really high mugs I would have liked.
But didn't get. Also met a lady who sells yarn. Hmmm-more on that later!!!!
Have a safe and happy Canada Day, whatever you do!

Before I forget- I DO have something truly Canadian looking to wear- CANADA SOCKS! (they are actually Opal sock yarn, from Fun Knits in BC) (Photo courtesy of my 8 year old, since I can't take a good picture of my own feet if my life depended on it !)


ruby said...

that bowl is so cool.sorry to have mised it

Rhonda said...

Excellent colour for Canadian socks!

Rhonda said...

Nice shocks! Actually, I love the color too. Happy Canada Day!!