Thursday, July 27, 2006

Knee news....and, I'VE ARRIVED!

Went to see the doctor (surgeon) about my knee- he says- good news- bone looks good, prosthesis looks good. He looked for hairline cracks and for inflammation from infection. Thankfully did not find either. Bad news-not sure what is wrong. Could be a case of scar tissue that has ripped and made the knee mad. Also- long term pain in the knee could be affecting it now. Soooooo-I am now on a med to increase circulation in my legs (gotta watch if I stand up too fast-I can go down just as fast from the spins), as well as a heavy duty NSAID-non steroidal anti-inflammatory. AND-more bad news- this may affect my return to work-I may not be able to go back full time as I had planned. Blah.
Now- there had to be a good thing, right? About 6 weeks ago, I submitted the pattern and the finished item for an upcoming book. (still kinda hush hush) BUT- a very important person in the Interweave company emailed me to say she thought it was luscious! Can you believe it! When I can, I will tell you who said it. But LUSCIOUS! High praise indeed.


Samantha said...

Lucious! That's wicked awesome! Yay! I can't wait to hear more about this hush hush project. :)

Sorry you have no real news about your knee. Hopefully it'll feel better soon.

Peg said...

WOW - good news bad news. I wish you well in the knee department and the pattern department.
I am in desperate search of some Fleece Artist and am trying Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria where I bought it and also Fleece Artist in NS. Could you email me at and I can send you a photo of the yarn and pray that you or someone you know might have ten or so yards of it to finish my Clapotis! Let's hope that the guardian angels of knitters and good health are watching over we gals. Thanks and again, good luck!

Joanne said...

Hi Deb... Thanks for the link to another Kingstonian. I'll add her to the list this weekend! Hope all is well and that you're keeping cool. Joanne