Monday, March 23, 2009

the results.....

Nope- she didn't catch the leprechaun...this time. The dog, however, had green sugar on his toes and his face. The milk was green. AND- the bait (Lucky Charms, OF COURSE) WAS GONE! But he left some neat things. A book about dragons (with green writing, of course) some green gummies, and a green original Hex bug (look 'em up- -they are way cool). Soooo-we will plan for next year. I am a bit surprised that bear didn't catch him- but perhaps he DID- hmm- are leprechauns made out of sugar, I wonder???????
The Break was good- not much relaxing, though! We took Annie to "The Wizard of Oz" up in Ottawa (it was spectacular- how Toto got all of his cues without any problems or false starts is beyond me!) And we had some visitors (Hi Larissa and Hayley and Nat! Hi JoAnn) and some shopping (gotta love that Beadapalooza!). And then we had my mother's 80th birthday celebration. (I had fun )
And now- back to work. And from here on in, it is like we are on a slide-pretty soon, it will be June!!!!!!!!
But I almost finished my mom's birthday present- I have some time tonight......keeping my toes crossed- need my fingers to knit!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top of the Mornin' to You!

Yes, it is St. Patrick's Day. And at our house, that means a trick or two from a little green guy (like the milk has turned green, or the water in the toilet is green, or,..........) As well, it means that A. builds a "leprechaun trap"-an assortment of boxes and tape and some strategic planning. You see, leprechauns love shiny things, and "Lucky Charms" cereal (the perfect bait), and natural objects (like twigs and pretty stones). If you leave a direction for him (such as "No leprechauns allowed" or "Do not enter") he will do the exact opposite. And if he doesn't get caught, he leaves a few trinkets, since he appreciates a good try.
Enjoy your green day, whether you can claim Irish heritage or not!

Monday, March 09, 2009

what's happening these days....

Report cards. They suck the big one. I hate them-I hate them-I hate them. There the truth is out. Local teacher hates report cards. It takes time away from lovely, lovely knitting. Or from goofing around. Or from reading great books. Watching movies. Doing all that stuff I sooooo enjoy.

I happened to get my hands on some fabulous yarn from Ruth at Knitting on Impulse (she's on my list of blogs that I read). She is dyeing up a STORM! Anyhow this is sock weight in a perfect rainbow. And I am playing around with building a lovely circular entrelac cowl. There is also another mountain sunset-and it is greys and purples finished off with golds. That one is going to be a lacy cowl for someone at work. And then thee is another sunset one for me- greys and purples finished off with a burst of reds and pinks and fuschias. Very smart! I tried to take pics of the yarns, but they just weren't working out with my little camera. Just go one over to Ruth's web store and check out the fraternal twins, gradient dye jobs- OOOOOOOHHHHHH LLLLAAAAA LLLLAAAAA!

In the meantime, some gratuitous shots of family-
This is Mr. Bear with Daddy's new hat on (no, I didn't make it- but I wish I had!!!!!!)
And this is my two sisters- the younger one is in the middle and the older one is on the right. And yup- that big smiley one on the left is me.
Yeah. Not much family resemblance. And no- no one is adopted.