Friday, July 21, 2006

Canada Post

What IS it about the mail service? I recently got involved in a Knit Sock Kit Swap. The deal is- you had to make a bag, fill it up with sock making goodies, and send it off to your secret partner. And someone else was chosen to do the same to you. Okay- sounds like fun. I had a riot getting the stuff together for my "pal" in Florida. Although the deadline for getting stuff out is in August, I decided sooner was better. So I mailed everything off on the 12th. Of July. Supposed to take 8 or 9 days. When I go to their "computerized tracking", I see that the package is in the Toronto area, and has been since the 14th! What gives? I paid the 15 bucks to mail it (it wasn't a big nor a heavy package) and thought that it would be reasonable to expect it at its destination in a timely fashion? Or am I living in the land of the deluded? (However a happy place that might be)
Onto other news-I won something! Yeah- ME! Shelley, over at Fun Knits ( had a contest about a Scrawl-as in-it was something she designed, could someone tell her what it was and how the name was derived. And a bunch of us got it right-including me- and I was a runner up! Yeah Shelley!!!!!! I get two balls of lovely sock yarn (just what I needed, although my husband has differing views on that point!)


ruby said...

oboy you won,
maybe it will be a color for your hubby to wear and the he will be change his tune

Samantha said...

Canada Post is weird. It's either still in Toronto or its on its way and someone has forgotten to scan the barcode so that the tracking shows up at the next destination (next post office, or whatever) ... You can always call and find out if you're concerned.

Jenny said...

Got it but I'm literally running out the door! More love later!!!


Anonymous said...

Its not their fault people!!!!!!!