Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gee I love new babies........

My friend's daughter is having a baby-like SOON-and I haven't even knit anything for the poor tyke yet! Soooooo- I grabbed "Old Faithful"- a Debbie Bliss book extraordinaire-

Flipped through it (I always find something I like in it) and found a gorgeous little lamb suit for the baby . It is truly the sweetest thing ever. Of course I had to go and buy more yarn. I had some soft grey wool in the stash for the body, but my husband said, "No baby wants to be the grey lamb. Make it like the picture." Bless his fuzzy little heart- off I went to my LYS.

I bought a new yarn (to me anyway) it is made by Scheepjes and called Donna- half wool, half acrylic. But the hand on this stuff-like it is part silk! Absolutely stunning stuff. It is dk weight (just a titch heavier) and would make a gorgeous shirt style sweater to wear with a skirt or pants. But I digress. The feet and hands and ears will be dark brown (the grey was like a blue grey-too light IMHO), and the body a warm ivory. Way cool.

AND in other news-my secret pal got her Knit Sock Kit from me (at long last!) (Maybe the mail gods heard me grousing about the slow service). She seems to like it- go and see here what she has to say-

Have a good weekend, hug a tree or a kid-or both.

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