Sunday, April 27, 2008


I think I am actually becoming an adult. Why? Because I went out, after many months of deliberation, and started to buy dishes for everyday. And, no, for those smart alecks out there, we don't eat off of slabs of wood with our fingers. We are much more civilized than THAT! We eat off of a variety of plates- some from a garage sale (well, a barn sale, actually) and some I had from before we were married. And of course, the collection of plastic IKEA plates from Annie's babyhood. (C'mon- you know the ones- they look like petalled flowers) Anyhow, I have fallen in love with some Portmeiron everyday stuff, by Sophie Conran- see it here- The stuff is "hand-made looking"- slightly irregular shaping-nice and thin, however (I hate thick mugs, as well as mustard glasses and peanut butter/Flintstones jars to drink from). I bought two place settings to start-a biscuit and a sage. What I would like to do is collect two settings in each of the four colours-white, sage, biscuit and Eldon-with a variety of colours in the accessory pieces. And then, when I set the table, I'd like to sort of mix and match. Some people may actually prefer all of one colour, or maybe a plate in biscuit and a cup in sage or whatever, but man- this is very beautiful dinnerware.
We went up to Carp today, just Sean and I. Sort of a date. He went up to help a guy with his new homebuilt (Sean was the test pilot, as well as inspector). Annie and Bear stayed with Nanna. It was kinda fun to get out on our own for the day.
And yes, I am knitting-more later................

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Danger Will Robinson

Yeah, danger for sure. I am currently on the laptop, because the big computer has had a period of iffyness, and now, the power source is f*cked. In other words, you can ppppooooossshhhhhh de button all you want, but it won't turn on. You get that satisfying "click", so you think something has happened, but zip, zilch, nada.
So posting will be even more sporadic!!!!
But you will NEVER guess what happened yesterday!!!! I came home, to walk the dog, and, as I was rounding the turn to home, I noticed a rather scruffy looking couple in front of my house. They were early 20s, dirty looking, a man and a woman. Pushing a grocery cart, with a backpack and a duffel bag in it. (in this neighbourhood? Weird) They saw me coming, so took out cigarettes, and made a big show of smoking them. But they didn't light them!!!!!!! So, when I was nearing the couple, I said the Bear, "Now Buddy, don't even think of doing anything-The last time you bit a stranger he needed all those stitches......" (Meanwhile, in Bear's eyes, there was a look of Who me? Bite anyone? Ech. Disgusting) And then I kind of eyed these two, and they started to walk along (after putting their cigs in a bag) I went into the house, locked everything up, went back to work. And, as soon as I got to work, walked in and called the cops. I am glad I did, because a squad car was sent out (good) and the officer I spoke with at the desk said that the description I gave sounded a lot like a couple of thieves who have been casing the neighbourhood, and breaking ion to houses. But get this-the grocery cart is their GETAWAY VEHICLE!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bear is a big flirt and shawls

Greetings. Still feeling way sad about little Noah. Just a sad, sad thing. On to other things. Bear is such a big old flirt- it is unreal!!! Here he is trying to figure out how best to charm me so I can offer him a cookie or a piece of dehydrated liver. Hmmmm
In June, we will be going to a wedding, as I have mentioned before. I figure I need a cool looking pantsuit- maybe in that slinky stretchy polyester stuff -you know the kind that doesn't need any ironing and hides a multitude of sins (miracle stuff)- anyhow- I thought I would try to make a wrap/shawl. I have a skein of Helen's Lace (Lorna's Laces) in the silk/merino- about 1250 yards of lovely lace weight- in Gold Hill (sort of brick and mauve/pink and gold) Any suggestions for shawl patterns that are a bit on the bigger side (I can't stand skimpy)??????

Saturday, April 12, 2008

So sad.....

We have a very dear friend-she has been the daycare provider for Annie since she was about 3 years old. And she treats her "daycare kids" like they are her own! The day Annie started, I was asked what her favourite toys were, so M. made a point of buying a new version of whatever it was, so that Annie would feel at home (and believe me- this lady has LOTS of toys!!!) She stays well informed of new trends, developmental stages, and so on- so she also teaches "her kids", so they are ready for school. In the summer, since they have a pool, she teaches the kids how to swim and be safe. All in all, an absolutely AMAZING woman. She even has birthday parties for each child, with gifts and cake and balloons-utterly amazing. Anyhow, a couple of years ago, her son (she has 3 grown kids) and his long time girlfriend, decided to get married. Oh, much merriment. These two are so well suited for each other! Then, last fall, we heard that they were expecting!!!!! M. and her husband were beside themselves!!! (In fact, they even wished for twins, so that they wouldn't have to take turns with one baby!!!!) Pregnancy going well- mommy was well, all was going along just fine. The due date was around Easter, but, as with first time mommies, new baby wasn't co-operating. So, finally, after 2 weeks, baby started to make his entry into this world. But, mommy wasn't progressing, so a c-section was ordered. A healthy (or so we thought), although smaller than expected baby was born, and he was given the middle name of his new grandpa. That night, some problems. A trip to Sick Kids in Toronto. And the diagnosis- baby's bowels were too twisted and perforated, there wasn't even enough healthy tissue to try a surgical intervention.
Little Noah lasted 2 days.
My heart is broken for this family-if any family should have lots of babies, well, this is the one.
Hug your babies today.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Suggestions, anyone?

I am considering selling off some of my stash (culling the herd, so to speak) and I need some advice. Do people generally look for oddballs ("one of" luxury yarns to experiment with)? Or small projects with ideas for what to do with the yarn? (Like scarf/mitt/glove/whatever with ideas either on line or in books) Or large project stuff (like sweaters/wraps) Or sock yarn? Or...? Is it that people just see a photo of something and lust after it? Or is it just a search for a bargain? And shipping. Cheapest? Or with a tracking number? Or should I just scrap the whole idea and put bags of stash at the curb and get on with things?

I have stash items that I will never in my lifetime knit up. Or the colour doesn't work. Or I thought such and such a yarn would work with such and such a pattern- but, no, unfortunately. And I tend to buy nicer stuff- no acrylic (unless there is something very special about it) in interesting colours.
Pictures are a MUST when selling yarns-I wouldn't be able buy anything for me, sight unseen. So that is a must do. Quantities (yardages incl.), as well as weights-also a must do. What else?

Now, onto yet another request. I am going to a wedding early June. What does one wear to weddings this spring/summer(late afternoon with an evening reception)? Suggestions from the fashionistas out there? Annie is going as well-she is 10.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008


This is the wee man I made the Mission Falls vest and hat for. Isn't he darling????? I work with his grandmother (this is a first grandchild for her, and he is all the way over in England!). Anyhow- here he is, in all of his self importance- he is 4 months old in this shot- I swear he looks like he is about to chat! But he sure is cute.

Thank you to all of the well wishers on my "day of rest" yesterday. My knee is still complaining-I swear I have started to walk like Lurch
You remember him??????
Yeah, I feel pretty.