Sunday, July 23, 2006


For years, I have had knee problems-some of which from beating them up as a younger person, the other part from a deformity inside the knee. I have had MANY surgeries-lateral releases, patellar-tendon transfer, etc., etc., and, most recently, a total knee replacement. I am 47, and I chose the replacement because I could no longer do the things I wanted to do. I also have an 8 year old daughter, so I need to keep active. I had researched the total knee, had talked to people, asked lots of questions-I thought it would be okay. Initially, it was great-I really thought this was going to work out. But then something happened to it. I went to physio, tried a new machine-told the physio it hurt-and, whether this was coincidence or not, that point marked the beginning of a downward trend.
The doctor looked at it, drained it, thought I probably had a bit of a bleed into the joint (he didn't seem too excited about it, so I wasn't), said off you go, should be fine. Nope. Wasn't that easy. So-next thought-was it an infection? No. blood tests came back negative. A few scenarios were bandied about-most recent being the possibility of circulation problems. A new drug. So far, still too early to tell. In the meantime, I have to stay quiet, not get too active, can't do physio until this is resolved, getting both bored and frustrated (as you know, if you have been reading this blog for a while-A mind like mine at rest is not pretty to watch. Then, as if it couldn't get much worse-the insurance company (for my disability) emails me (not even the courtesy of a letter or call) to tell me that I am no longer going to receive benefits, since their doctors feel recovery from a knee replacement is 3 months. Only. I had given them copies of a note from the surgeon that said, due to long term issues with both knees, I will not be eligible to return to work until September 1. But this isn't good enough-apparently, the person who made this decision says that he wrote that because I am a teacher and don't want to work in the summer. When I questioned this comment, I was told I am welcome to get more information to them. From the surgeon they already don't believe. Yeah,that's going to help.
Soooooo. Here I sit, pain in the knee, thinking about pain in the ass people. (and, since I have been up since 4:07 a.m., because my knee hurt, I considered calling this Frances person to talk to her about her decision. Good thing I don't have her home number).


Jenny said...

I'm so sorry you're hurting but now I can visit and cheer you up! And visit your archives! Glad you snooped, (just joking about that comment in case it seemed mean) because you "hit the nail on the head">

Gill said...

Hmmm. Just seems plain rude to deal with your case like that.
I enjoyed visiting your blog - nice to find another knitting teacher. I teach 3-11 year olds. Keep your chin up!