Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another finished project....

Annie has two teachers-and so, two gifts at the end of the year. In the staffroom (I teach in the same school), I overhead a discussion between the two about how expensive the gifts are getting for teachers. Well, I look at it this way-I usually put $20 to $30 (for each teacher) into a Christmas present, and about the same at the end of the year-but they were talking things like cases of wine, and sweaters, and $75 gift certificates for dinner-hmmm. I teach, too- and I have never seen that kind of craziness (I do teach older students, not primaries). I dunno. I think that I am at the high end of expectations- over that, you wonder what you are paying for (as in- is it $40 or $50 for an A?) What about you guys? If you are on the giving or on the receiving end, what is the norm in your neck of the woods for teacher gifts? And what is a great teacher gift? I am giving one teacher the merino and cashmere baby booties (she's pregnant) from the last post, and the other is getting this scarf. It is made from something called Fiesta Yarns Zia- 100% Egyptian cotton (the colourway is Coyote). The repeat worked its way into a rather interesting pattern- the edges are solid and the middle has some tweedy variegation. I used 8mm needles, 18 stitches with a 2x2 rib. Dead easy. But quite effective, if I do say so myself. This teacher wears a lot of scarves, so this is a good present for her. In fact, she has bought a number of them from me.
And, as I had said, we now have a pool. And the Big Bear has never in his life been swimming. Soooo- we got him into the pool........that's Sean, my husband, holding the big goof (and yes, Bear has one paw on his head as if to say,"Oh Lord, they are doing something strange now..."
And this is what happens when one lets go of the big guy.
And as soon as he got out, he ran in to the family room (just off the pool) (yeah, that is his raggedy old chair, next to Annie's toys).
I don't think he is much of a swimmer. You?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Not sure what to think of this one......

You Are: 70% Dog, 30% Cat

You and dogs definitely have a lot in common.
You're both goofy, happy, and content with the small things in life.
However, you're definitely not as needy as the average dog. You need your down time occasionally.
My husband says he agress with it. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Baby Booties

I love to knit baby things- they are quick, invariably cuter than cute, and often, since I know the baby or the mommy, full of happy thoughts about the recipient. Soooo-enter my daughter's teacher-she is due in October. I understand that before they had babies (their son is not quite two), their babies were two Labs- a golden and a chocolate. So, I went into Zoe Mellor's Baby Booties book (worth every penny), found a bear or a bunny slipper, and changed them just a bit. So here they are................I made them out of Lana Gatto VIP (80% merino, 20% cashmere) (hey- it was on sale for half price at our local Wool Tyme!). I thought I would use the leftovers for a baby cap in the fall. But I love the way these little puppies went together! You knit them flat (on two needles) and sew up the sole with a flat seam at the end. There is short rowing along the top of the foot, and then a bit of decrease, and about 30 rows of ribbing around the ankle. So they should stay on! I wish I had seen this style of bootie when my Annie was wee- she kicked everything off with Olympic fortitude.
Now to finish something for Annie's other teacher. Maybe a quick scarf???????? Any other ideas??? (remember- this is for next Thursday)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Baaaaaccckkkk!!!!

Well now that I have probably lost all 7 of my usual readers...I am now back. I needed some time away from the computer to complete all kinds of things. Like report cards. I always hate writing the report cards- I am always nervous about getting something wrong. I mark all kinds of last minute assignments, with the great hope that I will have a revelation of sorts- but, no. Afraid not. So they are all done. And I took a group of 25 kids to camp overnight- they were awesome. No major issues- we survived it all-including a bonfire with s'mores! The ESL students from Korea thought I had lost my mind when I set up a fire- they had never seen such craziness before! And I have been painting. Since I know how to paint, it is quite common for the gift committee at work to come to me and request some custom work-for free. I don't really know why they don't offer me any money for it- if they had someone else commissioned, they know they would have to pay them. But I guess, since I work on staff, they figure I somehow owe them something. Anyhow, I have only accepted one project- to paint a boat propeller with the scenes from the local outdoor ed. facility. Still quite a lot of work. Initially, they wanted about 7 different scenes, including a picture of the guy's dog, and of the guy himself. I told them that I don't do tacky, and that since they weren't paying me, I would do whatever the hell I wanted. So I did. But I imagine they won't ask me anymore once they realize I won't do "like they say". It's a funny thing- people seem to think if you can knit, you are dying to knit something for them, out of your own pocket, and for no money for the work. Hunh? It's like the painting thing- I can paint, so it is what I want to do for them to look good for gifts? Mind you, since I agreed to do this one project, since the guy is retiring, I guess they feel I will do more. Not without being paid. What I am owed- since commissioned artwork is what they want, I will charge them a price up front, and let them turn me down. Works for me.
Recently, I was asked to reproduce a Noro Silk Garden sweater, done in entrelac. The "customer" was hoping I would do it for under $200, including the yarn. Hmmm-judging by the size of said lady, that would mean I would be paying her to knit it, since 20 skeins, at $12.95, plus tax, will take it over the $200 mark. So I explained this to her-she then asked if I could make her a deal (??) Uh- the price of the yarn is set at around $300, and what kind of a deal did she want? It seems she felt I could get a discount on the yarn, so she thought I could do it for around $350. Well, no discount, and no deal. She said that I couldn't expect to get more than one would pay at a store. Okay-but lady, you came to me-I guess abuse is part of this? Hmmmm. Rant over.
But I have been knitting-baby booties for a coworker. Pictures later-batteries charging) And a couple of things I will be keeping rather close for awhile longer.
But speaking of knitting- my KIP draw! I read all of the entries- great fun! And I put everyone's name into a hat- and drew out.............RUBY! Since I know her, I won't have to ask for her address. Ruby knit with her group- and won a prize-as the member who does the most to promote her guild!!!!! So Ruby- expect something in a week or so. Thank you to all those who entered- they were fun to read!!!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Hey, everyone! Did your Knit In Public Day plans turn out???? I am afraid that mine did not. I had planned to go and sit somewhere very public, and knit my hands off, but, you know what they say about "best laid plans". I have two deadlines this week. One-my backyard will shortly be "enhanced"- with a new fence (underway) and a large above ground pool with all of the decking and such that camouflage the fact that it is above ground. And I have been called into service to "hold this" or "write that down" or "where did that go?" (Is it not amazing that once you get married, your husband immediately assumes that a uterus must be some kind of homing device, and that a woman must immediately know what he did with this little slip of a scrap of paper, that he wrote something way way important on. maybe two-no, three-months ago. And also where he put his watch) So that kept me busy. The second major thing-I have report cards due-this week-and I am also taking my class on an overnight trip this week-yeah, I know, bad planning-anyhow, I need to get them done, out of the way.So I have been marking papers, and chasing down assignments, and writing up reports. I always stress out about these report cards, because I worry about being totally accurate, with enough to back up my opinion of a child's progress.
So, my KIP plans bit the dust.
But what did YOU do? Let me know, and the most interesting one will find something sent to them! (no, no-not nasty-it'll be nice-from my stash) Leave me a message, or an email (see last blog entry for address). Or hey-tell me why you didn't get to KIP-maybe THAT will win?

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Well, whaddya know?? June 9th is Knit In Public Day!!! See all the info here- http://www.wwkipday.com/ What will you do to celebrate it??? Send me a notion of what you are going to do- or hey- even a pic of what you did- maybe I will send the most entertaining one a little something from my ever-growing stash!
My email is... debDOTseanATsympaticoDOTca Just get rid of the big words and put the right symbols in- you'll do okay!

Friday, June 01, 2007

For the next two weeks-

Things are going to be a bit "hit or miss" for the next couple of weeks. I have final reports to write (I teach Grade 6/7), as well as a class overnight trip (we are going to a Guide camp!!!) and about a gazillion things to do before our above ground pool arrives. Yeah, we decided to put one in, so A. can just step out into the back yard for her swims. It will be fun for all of us, I think! So-hopefully, I will have something to show (in knitting terms) in a couple of weeks-because I plan to knit when I have down time!
Take care- see you in a bit-