Monday, July 10, 2006

Today is going to be a might crazy.....

I have a little dog, who is usually a gentle-natured, pleasant little fur person, who is terrified of thunderstorms. I don't mean the "gee I am feeling a bit tense" kind of nervous. I mean the rabid, chewing at his fur, frothing at the mouth, shivering uncontrollably kind of fear. Mind- he wasn't always this way. It all started back when A. was about 5 and discovered that if one put a balloon onto the neck of a balloon pump and pumped furiously, a loud sound would be emitted. And then she would laugh uproariously. Not so the fur guy. He has become this quaking, wild eyed little beast, who would chew through anything to get away from "the sound"-be it fireworks, firecrackers, balloons popping, thunder, cars back-firing- you get the drift. Soooooo- today has a 70% chance of boomers. Boy Howdy. Sounds like fun. (And yes, the vet has suggested Prozac- I figure on good days- he gets one, and on bad days, we share)

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Silvia said...

Poor little fur baby! I have an Alsaition like tht... I could do with a Bottle of Prozac ...for me when he gets going in a Thunderstorm
Hope it won't be to bad