Monday, July 24, 2006

this is a knitting blog, right...?

Before I start with the knitting part of today's entry-this is my cane (my constant companion). I have used a cane for years, and it was getting rather grungy looking. So- I decide to "refresh" it-one night when I was at a party. My mother had these fabulous printed napkins. So I "liberated" a couple of them. I split the layers until I was only dealing with the top printed part, then cut out all of the individual flowers. In the meantime, my husband had whipped up to Canadian Tire (we are within 10 minutes drive to Canadian Tire, Home Depot, the airport-you can see how this would please my husband), bought some ivory spray paint (I had sent him with a tiny little square from the napkin in the colour I wanted) and painted the cane. Then I shellac-ed all of the napkin bits in place. Couple of coats of shellac later-badaboom, badabing. I am amazed at how many people have talked to me about this cane! I even had offers of $$! Maybe I will buy a few canes and decorate them-say in sailing motif, or dogs, or cats.....or even back to flowers. I wonder how much I should sell them for?
Now the knitting part...........
I have been working on the Trekking XXL sock-man this is beautiful yarn.It has great body to the yarn-a nice firm twist-and the colours! Oh my. Each stretch of colour has three strands of colour-then one changes and the whole look of the tweed changes. This particular one has greens, yellows, some reds, oranges and aquas, with some dark blue and black thrown in. I think they will make a spectacular pair of socks, but I almost wish I had saved this for gloves!

I started the little lambie suit-OMG- too cute for words. And, true to form, Debbie Bliss has built in excellent shaping. The little feet have a seam along the sole, and shaping around the toe and the heel. The front has a long button band (garter stitch), and the mitts are attached. The hood has ears, and the bottom has-what else-a tail! Too sweet. There is also a bunny pattern in the collection. I have some supersoft cream alpaca-maybe I will make a little lamb to go along with this baby gift. The Csection is scheduled for August 8th!


Samantha said...

Your cane looks awesome!! :) I love the little lamb outfit. Too cute for words. :)

Gill said...

Cane is lovely. When I was using one I looked at these
- gives you an idea of what you could charge for them.

Gill (AK list)