Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Bouf Meister

Well, Bouf went in for testing for Addison's- came back negative. Now the vet is wondering about an xray or an ultrasound-just to see if he isn't growing something. Hmm- still doesn't make me feel really great. But he has been taking Zantac all week, as well as an antibiotic. His bark is different- sort of hoarse. But he is some better! (In fact, he got me up in the middle of the night, kicking on the fridge door- looking for leftovers-this is a favourite trick of his when he is feeling well) Thank you for all of the good will comments about my little fur boy. He truly is a special little guy. Next week will bring another set of tests for him-we'll see what that brings.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Bouf

My boy is sick. Just because he is a furry covered, canine variety of boy doesn't make him any less my boy.
He is 11-but very "puppy frisky". When he came home with us (he was my first anniversary present) he was touted to be a SCHNOODLE (part poodle part schnauzer). But I really do think his mommy was a tramp! I think there is a cocker spaniel in his background. He is often mistaken for a soft coated wheaton pup (this picture doesn't really show that side of him to well). But he has weathered me through lots of knee surgery and "staying at home because my leg hurts" times. We never formally trained him-he really only knows "stupid pet tricks". (like he knows all of his 20 odd toys by name, and will go and fetch them when asked for a specific one). (Really) The vet thinks he might have Addison's-which is treatable, but requires a ton of money to find out. So off he goes to the vet today. More news tomorrow.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend stuff

We went to a wedding at the Warplanes Museum in Hamilton, Ontario- it was really neat! The wedding itself was in a meeting room, and the reception was in the museum itself. (the groom is a pilot-so that was the connection) The bride and groom, at an earlier date, had taken a staged photo- he was beside the Lancaster(big, rare airplane) (my husband actually had a hand in restoring this one- there are only 2 left that actually fly-this is one of them) in a WW1 pilot's uniform- she had a flowing dress and her very long hair down, flower on the side- and the scene was one of her saying good-bye to her pilot husband, maybe for the last time. The photo was done in a tonal sepia print- very, very cool. (I think they used it as their engagement photo). The place cards were printed boarding passes, and the little gift at each seat was a little wooden airplane (the bride apparently made all of them- from kits, but still!!!!!). The music was upbeat-with some of the war songs thrown in. If you are planning wedding- this was very interesting. The service was impeccable. The setting for the reception was fascinating- we were sitting there, between these airplanes-couldn't beat that. We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express overnight (only had to tell one group-a family, it looked like, to go and yell and chat outside their own door)-and came back home on Sunday. Today, I had planned to go into school (it does start soon) but I need to take my daughter to a birthday party- at this child's family cottage- up near Chaffey's locks!!!!! So- can't really drive her there and then go to school, then come back and get her (at that point, I am closer to Perth or Westport) So that messes up a day. Well, I will go in tomorrow- and go and see what's up. Sean will be taking the little doggie in to see what is wrong with him- he has a hard time keeping his food down, and he coughs. I am so worried it is something really serious. I won't be able to talk about it if it is.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I got it-I got it!!!

Okay-enough whining here-I got me some loot! And without further ado, may I present............the BOX!
Okay-it came in a beautifully wrapped box,, and each thing was wrapped up in differently coloured tissue-it was really lovely-but, well, I was, um, anxious! So I ripped it all open before I took a picture of it!!!! Inside-a lovely felted bag, some hand dyed (hand dyed!!!) yarn with a nice challenging pattern (toe up AND 2 circs), a little knitted goodie bag with a shell inside, a couple of little boxes-with some cool stitch markers and a Florida tag-and a journal. Now, my pal said she had a special note for me-hmmmmmm-must have forgotten it, hmmmmmm-look around a bit-oh here it is-IN the journal. OMG. This is what was in the note-
A gift certificate-for my own LEGGY CREATIONS! Yessirree- my secret pal was none other than Becky, from She is the person I have been telling you about with those awesome sock blockers. Go and see her store at It is worth the visit!!!!!! Thank you, Becky-it was well worth the wait!!!!!!! You done spoiled this old girl. Me happy.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

What to do while you are still waiting...........

Edit: added later in the day:
It came! It came! I am a happy girl!!!!!!!
I will put pictures in tomorrow's blog-but let's just say-I have been spoiled !

Still waiting for that parcel to arrive- I thought for sure I am resigned to the fact that it will come-well, sometime. No amount of throwing up my fist to the sky and cursing the postal system, or doing the strange, contorted "package bringing" dance out on the lawn (and terrifying the neighbour's kids in the process) will help me at this point.
And so, I digress.
As some may know, I am quite interested in designing things. I do not fit easily into commercial patterns (for starters, my top half and my bottom half are of different sizes) I am also of, well, generous proportions. (I have two rather petite sisters-and when I was 15, I asked my dad, "What happened here????????" He said, "Well, you were made fast, and you were made in the dark." OMG. Never asked the man another thing again in my life!!!!!!!!!!) So I am used to adjusting patterns, or just starting from scratch. As well, math is not a challenge for me, so playing with the numbers is manageable. I often help others alter patterns (usually making the pattern bigger) But I had never designed for the general public. Enter Excellent bunch of people. AND they are okay with people who want to design, but have never taken the schooling to be "a designer". I had an idea (it seems AGES ago) for a baby bikini. Out of Cascade Fixation. And in leopard print. With frills on the bum. The wee babe up the street was my model. Enter Knitty . They published the pattern. And that started me on designing other things. Coats, sweaters, Hawaiian costumes, whatever could be imagined and knit.
And now I have another pattern in the works-the editors want me to write my bio-100 words or less-so I had better get cracking and get that done.
While waiting for the mailman.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I think I've got it....

The Funky Scarf thing- NOT the parcel thing (had a dream last night that today was the day the package came) (We'll see) . This is taking up a fair bit of time-I think because I have no idea what is truly funky. No clue.
Anyhow- the scarf thing-my partner (the giftee, not the giver) said that if her job was different, she would like to have pink hair. Okay-------getting a picture here-this is a girl who likes to take calculated risks. So- I was checking out Jane Thornley (you can see her stuff here ). She uses a main idea- like a colour, or a picture, or something from her garden, to focus in her work, then knits something. She has a very interesting stash, methinks, judging by the mix of things she uses. So I thought- hey-I could do that! I started with a colour family (purples and pinks) and gathered up all the bits that I had that would work together-then arranged it all in a grouping so I could look at it for awhile (gotta make sure the light wasn't giving me a false reading of colour). I have been walking past it for 2 days now- so far so good. I think I need to add a colour-it will probably be that acidic green in very small quantities. Then I will try to set up the beading.(Jane says she just doesn't do plain) I think we might have a winner here.
If I get up off my lazy b--- today, I just might take a picture of my grouping- let me know if you even want to see it.

Monday, August 21, 2006


It's still not here. I can't even talk about it.
As promised- here is the picture of the other attempt at a funky scarf- this was based on a description (and a pattern, as I recall) from an Interweave Knits magazine- about using the pooling tendency of variegated yarns to your advantage, and making a sort of IKAT design. So this is what came up with (I think it is Little Lola- except that I probably called it Anne yesterday). It is interesting, yes, but...? I can't say I am truly wild about it. So- back to the think tank it goes (or brain drain, depending on the day)

In yesterday's blog, I linked to the Interweave scarf gallery, and got a comment from one very talented Mandy ( and she agreed with me about the general design of the submissions being "interesting, but..." except for one- the "Me and My Shadow" idea. She refers to it as "Brilliant"- and when you sit and think about it- it truly, truly is. (Go and see it- check out yesterday's blog for a link) If I had made a shadow of myself, and then wrapped it round and round my neck- yes, I would be very very warm. But the whole idea of shaping something to represent "x" and then using it in such a way so that no one really knows what it is (other than a scarf) -very intriguing.
I just got an email saying I have to write a 100 word bio of myself. Geesh. What to say? What NOT to say? Any ideas?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Still waiting..................

And now, instead of wasting my time thinking up things for Mr. Postman (whom I don't truly hate- it is more the system that anything else that is annoying me) (why can't we just beam things around, like on Star Trek???)-I am thinking up things for my next secret swap- the Funky Scarf Swap.
At first, I thought I would try something from "Scarf Style"- I went here for some inspiration- Then I asked friends for some of their ideas. I won't say what they were, because when I asked Becky ( what she thought, she confirmed my definition of tacky. And that's about as far as I am going to go with that!
Soooooooo- I started this one- from "Scarf Style" I adore this scarf. I don't have the tons and tons of Paternayan yarn that is called for in this pattern. But I DO have quite a bit of odds and ends of Starmore yarns. (mostly Campion) But what I need is a brighter palette from which to choose. To make the scarf really "sizzle". Then I played around a bit with some Anne yarn (by Schaeffer)-I will have to add that picture later, since blogger won't do it right now. And tossed that in the "not quite right" pile. And I ended up with something that I think will be very sharp-and I will reveal it when the time is right!

Friday, August 18, 2006


Edit: I hate Mr. Postman. I really really do. My apologies to Posties everywhere.

Anyone who knows me knows that I really hate to wait. Like at Christmas, for example-I hate to wait! I always try to get just one thing opened-like, maybe my stocking, or something already under the tree(not from Santa-after all-we have an 8 year old believer!) And I usually get shot down. And now- I am waiting for my KSKSwap (the Knit Sock Kit Swap) to arrive. I sent my kit out early-had a riot doing it. And the one who is giving to me-she writes wonderful emails (I look forward to hearing from her), has given me some hints (like she has sent FLORIDA in the package? All I can think is that there is some sand in it!), and emailed me to say she sent the package on Monday. Air mail. Thinks it would take 4 or 5 days. OH THE AGONY. I thought maybe yesterday- I flew out of the house, to our mega box set up, hands shaking in anticipation, sweat on my upper lip, oh my oh my,.......and......and.......and........uh, no. Now, our regular mail carrier is on holiday this week, so the replacement doesn't come at the expected times. (yet another stress). So I will go through it all again today. And probably next week as well (we do not get weekend mail-I guess some Americans do?)
In the meantime, I have other things to occupy me-like the Funky Scarf Swap. I have gotten some hints from the person I am giving to-and now I have to narrow down my ideas (I have two very clear, strong ideas, and one sort of there idea). Tell me-dear readers- what would you want to get if you were going to get a funky scarf? More of a winter thing to brighten up the season? Or a decorative "inside the house" piece? Or a piece of art type? Any strong ideas of something you would love to get? Help me out here! Keep my mind off chasing the mailman in his cute little truck down the street!!!!!(Now there's a picture for you!)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What I think is funky....

This funky scarf swap that I am involved in is way cool-and the one answer I hadn't submitted was---Post a picture of what I think is funky. Fair enough-----here goes.....
First- a web site-of fairy doors. I guess it is both cool AND funky. Go see. You know ya wanna. I will wait.
And here are some pictures of cool and funky-

Left to right- the first two are La Lana pieces- love them! And the third pic is, of course, Koigu (from their site) And number 4 is a Kersti piece (from the Needles and Pins website- great store!)
I love the colour, the shapes, the way the whole is much MUCH more than the parts.
And finally- truly funky-the airplane my husband built with his high school class..........

See that little stool-that's how I hoist myself into the thing-bum leg and all.
Now-does that explain what I think is funky???????????????

Monday, August 14, 2006

Funky scarf questionnaire.....

And here it is....... I will put in my answers in colour:
Let’s get the allergy part out of the way. Are you allergic to any fibers? Nope
Do you prefer any fibers over others?I do prefer natural fibres- wool, silk, sea silk, bamboo, mohair, alpaca (these are all about the same-no order of preference) over the "fakes" (like polyester and acrylic)
Thinking back to Scout’s post about what funky means to you, post an image of something that you think is funky! This one needs me to think upon it a bit- so this will come later)
Would you prefer funky yarn or a funky pattern?Depends- as long as it is used effectively, either can work
What are your favorite colors?Pinks, lime greens (and slime greens), purples, burgundy, golds and oranges, black,-just not beige or brown. Not wild about sky blue, either, but can live with some royal blue
What is your favorite piece of art?More an artist- Gustav Klimt
What colors would you never have up close to your pretty face?Never beige. Never sky blue
Would you prefer an actual scarf or a cowl?Scarf, please
When you wear a scarf do you prefer a wider/shorter scarf or a thin/long scarf?It depends on the scarf and its weight-I even wear lightweight shawls all wrapped up around my neck in the winter! Since I am tall and *ahem* fluffy- I think longer, medium width scarves look better -on me.
What is the climate like where you live? We have 4 very definite seasons-summer is warm and humid, fall is cool and windy (and often rainy), winter can be cold and snowy (although we didn't get as much snow last winter), and spring is windy, sometimes damp and chilly (I AM a Canadian, after all!)
Would you prefer a functional scarf (to keep you warm) or one just to funk-up your wardrobe?Oh hell- if someone could teach me how to funkify my wardrobe, I'd be eternally grateful!!!!! So either would do.
What else would you like your partner to know about you? I am 47, a wife and mom (to an 8 year old), but I feel like my aging/development stopped somewhere around the age of 26. Except for my knees (I recently had to have a total knee replacement) (years of mis- spent youth and an ex rugby player). I design (have had some of my stuff published), I write (some of that has been published), I paint, and I am an elementary teacher (Grade 7s mostly). I am inspired by many things, enthralled by others, and generally surprised (still) by some. And- I am open to questions!
I will search around for something I think of as "funky"-and post pictures shortly.
How's that?

Me and My Fly Guy

Husband took me on a hot date yesterday(Sunday)-At 8:00 a. m. , we climbed aboard the airplane he built (yeah- my knees were shaking a bit) (just the two of us, as it only has two seats- the little one was with Nana) -and off we went!
First, a leisurely tour of Kingston and the area-with special attention to some of the fabulous properties on Amherst Island. The off to Picton for a fly-in breakfast (the group at the local airport is quite active- they host these things regularly). So- hot coffee, bacon, eggs, toast, homefries-all cooked while you watched- topped off with homemade raspberry muffins! (no pictures, since I never know how people respond to having their pic on the web). The interesting part was that as soon as we landed, the airplane was surrounded by about a dozen guys-all wanting to know all about this engine and that body and and and......... It was nice to see Sean getting some recognition for his work. After we ate and chatted with people, off we went again-this time to tour Picton and area by air. It was loads of fun.
Saturday was spent at the Sheep Dog Trials-lots of people, beautiful weather, absolutely gorgeous dogs (especially the litter of 4 five-month old sheep dog puppies). In the trials, there was one handler (from the States) who was 84 years old!!!! And the little sheep (each dog had a 4-sheep "herd" to maneuver and manipulate)-so sweet! There was one mini herd made up of three very obedient sheep, and one, who had either "gone stupid", or was a "rebel without a cause". Every chance he got, he would duck out away from the dog, or run straight at the dog (poor dog just looked at it- as if to say, "What the f...?")-once he even stayed with the herd rather unexpectedly)- confused the poor dog to no end!!!!! Finally, after the herding was completed, the other three sheep just turned their backs on the "rebel".
He kept on butting them in the behind (Aw c'mon, I was just having some fun....) but no go- they weren't interested! I also started a new project (damn that fall Interweave Knits magazine- lots of nice things in it!) This one is called "Breton Jacket", and I am making it out of some stash yarn. It is something I got from Robyn over at Red Bird Knits. Aran weight Wensleydale Longwool, dyed by the Fleece Artist gang especially for Red Bird Knits. The colour is a tonal, mottled moss-I adore it! It almost feels like it has mohair in it- due to the Wensleydale Lomgwool. Nice and soft, with good body. The gauge is a bit off, so I have to play with it a bit, and I don't plan on knitting a belt-I will either put a button on it, or else I will wear a leather belt with it- not yet decided. Since I lost 25 pounds (the all pain, have a knee replacement diet)-my clothes fit differently. So I am shaping this to fit well-on me, that means smaller in the hips than in the bust, with some short row shaping at the bust. This patterns lends itself well to that, since there are stocking stitch panels on either side. So far, so good!

Isn't it purty????????

Friday, August 11, 2006

contest winnings

A few weeks ago, Shelley, over at had a contest. She had designed a scrawl, and wanted to know if anyone knew how she came up with the name. I had a guess, turned out I was right-so my name was put in the bin-turns out I was a runner up! So I got two balls of a lovely sock yarn-

It is Gedifra Sportivo-lovely and soft-similar colouration to the Trekking XXL. The scrawl is actually made out of this yarn. But she tossed in a little surprise for me- a tiny tiny ball of Opal-I took the picture with a pen beside it for scale. Isn't it cute???
Anyhow-you, too, can own these lovely gifts-by ordering from Shelley's on line business! (Just go to her blog, the links are there). She has a shop on Quadra Island, B.C.-I would LOVE to go and see it-it looks like such a lovely place to shop! I even ordered some Fun Knits sock yarn (a custom dye by Lorna's Laces). I also wanted the Quadra Island dye job-but...maybe next time. Another blogfriend (Peg, from has apparently been there. I guess I will just put it on my list of things to do, places to go, people to meet. Hmmm- I wonder what else I should put on my list????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday morning.....

Not much to report. We went up to Ottawa yesterday (my husband had to drop off some paperwork to the Ministry of Transport-the airplane stuff). I knit on Big Blue- think I might reknit the sleeves- I would like a tighter gauge. This sweater has been knit and reknit so often that it is starting to seem like I have knit two sweaters! We stopped off and had lunch at the inlaws in Kemptville. AND got our Christmas present (last Christmas)-a hand made quilt! Wait until you see it-it is absolutely stunning. I will take a picture of it and post it. The background is black-and the centre part is mitred squares with a bit of metallic in the fabrics. Stunning. We also spent some time in the Ottawa IKEA. Geesh I love that store-and if we had a local one, I know where I would spend my money! We didn't buy a whole lot (space issues in the SUV). The biggest purchase was a folding stool for my classroom (I need to look like I am still standing, but I need to sit-hence-tall stool). We did get a stuffed rat for the Boufmeister- he stayed with Nana, and has started to expect gifts when he is left on his own. He liked it- snuggled it last night in bed (yeah- we have a spoiled pooch-but I believe that if you are going to get a dog, then treat it like a family member-nothing gets me more riled up than when a family gets a dog and then ties it up outside all day-sometimes all night, too) (and then says that the dog prefers it that way) (for the love of Mike)-Must run- A. is having a friend over for a splash in the pool-must go help her tidy up her room a bit in case of rain-Ta!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My name is Deb and I have a problem-it is STARTITIS in the worst way. And, to compound the issue, I also have the nowannafinishits. (careful) I get all jazzed about a project, and get the yarn, and do the swatch, and knit and knit, and then, well, something happens. I want to start something new. I might be, oh-half a sleeve away from the end, and I just can't get the thrill of something new out my head. I have three sweaters that just need an hour or two to finish them up. I just can't seem to get the mental discipline together to make it happen. I know- I just have to tell myself to get going, and do it.
Right now, I am close to finishing up Big Blue. I did finish the baby lambie suit-but that was just small. And now I am eyeing a cardigan from a new book (Knit-Handmade Style-there is some info on it here- -it is basically a large rectangle, knit out of 2 colours of dk, with a shaped sleeve. It looks like the cuff of the sleeve is knit first, and then the stitches are picked up from that. The instructions say that the secret of a good fit is to make the back only as wide as you are across the shoulders. As well, there is a note that says the finished garment can be pressed to size to create a looser fit. The it goes on to say "A row tension of 36 rows to 10 cm(4 in) in the finished garment can be blocked to 26 rows to 10 cm (4 in)" I'm going to have to play with that one, methinks.
The book, by the way, was only $14.95 Cdn. at the local Chapters. There are some great looking slippers, as well as info on how to dye yarn with Jell-o, some wire-knitting necklaces, lots of good stuff. Worth a look.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Is this cool or what?

Okay- a couple of very very cool things have crossed my computer screen this weekend. The first is actually something that was made for a friend of mine. it is a needle tree-check it out! It is basically a piece of a tree, that has been sanded and finished, and has had holes drilled into it to hold the needles (Ruby has some pretty fancy needles, so this is for her special ones). The other way cool thing is from here She has started a business (Leggy Creations) and she makes custom sock stretchers. Oh go on- go see them- I'll wait. Are they not the coolest things?
Once again- absolute awe for people who are so completely talented.
Onto knitting news- the lambie suit is done-baby is coming tomorrow (scheduled C-section) and blocking as we speak. Pics when it is dry.
Big Blue has been resurrected- I am on the final part- the last sleeve. So this will be something to toss on over a shirt and pants for school. Perfect!
Happy long weekend, fellow Canadians! (The neighbours took Missie A. to the beach-hubby is off flying airplane- I am at home lounging in my pjs and drinking coffee-I often tell people, when they ask what I am up to, that I am lying around in bed, drinking gin, smoking cigars and reading smut. I sometimes wonder, judging by the looks, if people really do think I have the time to do that kind of crap. Makes for a good line, though. Wonder how it would look on my business cards.Hmmmmmm)

Friday, August 04, 2006

And the winner is..............

The answer to the contest is... Brian Mulroney! (He grew up in a house down the street from where I grew up). And, of the people who answered correctly........I am now putting all of their names in a daughter is now drawing the name.........and the winner is!!!!!!!!!!!!!ESTHER!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to all who entered-Esther- please email me your mailing address and I will send you the scarf yarn.

There is also a prize for the speediest person-that would be RUBY! She will be getting some sock yarn.
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Progress and Prizes

Contest still on- I will draw tomorrow at 4:00 ish (okay-I am an "ish" kind of person). There are two prizes- one for the first right answer,(and since that is someone I know-it will be sock yarn) and the other to be drawn from all the right answers. Here is that prize-

One beautiful skein of Artful Yarns Portrait- a wonderfully soft haze of colour-the label has a "One Skein Scarf" on it. I don't know-maybe it is because I am a fallen away Catholic chick-or maybe I just doubt everything-but I bought TWO balls of the stuff. But ya know-one skein scarves are generally made out of, yes, you guessed it-ONE SKEIN! (should have caught onto that). It made a lovely gift for my daughter's teacher-and the scarf came in at about 7 inches wide by about 43 or 44 inches. And it was very pretty. And this is its twin. In a ball.

Next up- my progress on the lambie suit -Loving this lambie (although my hubby thinks it is kind of dog like at this point-maybe if I sew the ears down a bit?) I still have one arm and one tail (yes- it even has a tail-like how sweet is THAT?) At this point, it does look a little odd and lopsided-but trust me- this is going to be one cute baby-so he needs a nice suit.

I also did something to the sleeve that I would highly recommend-once I knit to the shoulder (in this pattern, you knit the mitt first, then up the arm). I counted my stitches (64) and then, with another circular needle and another ball of yarn, I picked up 64 stitches around the armhole. Then-a three needle bind off was performed while watching old reruns of Stargate (yeah- a little addicted to that show lately). So neat! So tailored and finished looking! I love it! And so easy! No pinning the pieces together, no swear words, no nuthin'! Seeeeeeeeeeeee- Isn't that neat? Love it. Love it.LOVE IT.
Gotta go finish this suit- the little man is due to make a planned entry by C-section on August 8th.
Stay cool.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Contest still on

Hi there-pictures tomorrow-I am knitting on the lambie suit-but just a quick note to tell you that I have chosen the prize for the contest-will reveal that tomorrow as well. But the contest is still open-until Friday-and the question to answer is........
I grew up in Baie Comeau, Quebec, but I didn't vote for him.
Who is the "him" I am talking about?
Email me (debDOTseanATsympaticoDOTca) and I will enter you in the draw!!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We're okay, but warm. Oh and a contest!

Holy Cow! Can you said-it's HOT? It's damn HOT? The forecast today says that it will go up to 35 degrees Celsius, and that there is a Humidex and smog warning, which will take us up to 42 or more!!!! That is about 108 degrees Fahrenheit! (apparently, might break records) For those of you who don't know me, I grew up in Baie Comeau, Quebec (yeah, but I didn't vote for him) (do you know who "him" might be?) Hey- that sounds like a contest-if you know who I am talking about(of whom I speak?), send me an email (debDOTseanATsympaticoDOTca)-just put in the right punctuations instead of the words-and I will draw on Friday from the right answers. The prize? Sock yarn, or something from my stash. Anyhow-I am used to waking up and needing a sweater in July. Or only swimming outside for about 2 weeks in the summer, because my legs turn blue in the water. Or being carried off by black flies. But this kind of heat and humidity??? Nah.
And tonight-we are the snack parents at our daughter's soccer game-so we can't even skip out of that!!!!!!!
Oh the humanity..........................................................