Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am writing

And writing. And writing. And not really knitting. Just writing. And then second guessing myself. The way I write for kids is well, playful. I try to make it sound like we are having a conversation. And well, this is school stuff, I don't want it to bore everyone. But I am second guessing what the boss wants, as well as whether or not my style fits in with all the other writers (there are 10 of us total). Because if mine is the only playful one, it would be easier for me to change than for everyone else to change. Right?
And so it goes.................................
(just a hint- my writing is on a science unit called Structures-form and function; I called it.....
"Structures will wobble but they shouldn't fall down." )

Friday, July 10, 2009

Well, I survived!!!!!

I met the other 9 writers on the team. And they were great. I had a few "deCheck Spellinger in the headlight" moments (okay, maybe more than a few), but I think I am on the right track. Because this is a pilot project, it is hard to gauge how much or how little to give us, or whether the deadlines are realistic, or...? On the way up to Toronto, on Monday, we were just ahead of the "parade" of the repatriation of a fallen military man. Yesterday, we watched the parade go up the other side of the highway (for the two helicopter pilots/passengers). Very, very sad. Each overpass had at least 30 people, often more, standing and waiting-police officers, firefighters, vets, civilians, ambulance attendants and paramedics, and concerned and interested citizens.
Annie and Sean spent some time together in Toronto- riding the subway (Annie said- "Hey-I saw a transvestite! White skirt and a five o'clock shadow!") and they also went all the way up the CN Tower. That was a great thrill for her (the CN Tower, not the transvestite-I think, anyway) ;-)
So tomorrow-off I go to Peterborough for my inlaws' anniversary get together. Bear will be going to his favourite Nanna!
I hope to knit soon-

Monday, July 06, 2009

Off to a new adventure.......

I agreed to a bit of a job- in Toronto and at home- to do some professional writing for the summer (and yes,get paid for it). So here I am, in a hotel room in Toronto- feeling a bit lonely. It didn't help that I got a phone call from my daughter saying she really really missed me. Or that hubby and I got into quite a spat last night.(I hate that). And the one and only restaurant in the hotel is closed-so I had to eat in the bar (listening to business men in the bar trying to out talk each other in terms of showing "their" women where they belonged (note to self- find out where these women are and tell them to run run RUN AWAY). So I will be here for 3 days- and then Sean and Annie will be back to get me.

OY. I am bored. But I am a bit excited about doing some writing again.

And tonight-I am going to do some knitting in that huge king size bed, with the TV on (hopefully there is a movie or something good) and not think about my troubles.

Oh- I am knitting a jacket from the "Knitted Jackets" book by Cheryl Oberle (very very good). It is the "Three Sisters" design, and I am knitting it out of some Red Bird Knits' aran weight Wensleydale Longwool-dyed by the Fleece Artist lady-in a lovely mottled warm olive- much like in the picture.

Isn't it pretty??????????????

By the way- still not sure of the sweater from the last post. Still doing my research on "Yvonne".

PS- I was over at Knitobsession- and she directed her readers here- to a contest. This lady has some beautifulkll colours of hand dyed yarns- and she has opened up a contest. Go and see- it is open until the 13th (? I think)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Thinking upon making something....

But I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Cocoknits. Here is what I am considering- I have some absolutely luscious Blackberry BFL dk from one of my favourite indie dyers (Ruth at Impulse of Delight-go check out my sidebar- you will love her, too). I am also going to go over to Ravelry (another highly addictive thing) to see if anyone has comments on that sweater!
Ta for now-

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New computer, Canada Day, and Cascade Fixation baby duds

Guess what? I will be doing some writing for the Ministry of Ed. this summer, and I was afraid that they would all laugh at my elderly laptop, so I decided to buy a new one. It is really pretty- very slick, with a huge screen. It is a Hewlett Packard (which my buddies in the industry tell me is a reliable brand). And a battery that can be recharged (unlike our elderly Dell). The Windows Vista is pretty slick, as well. But here is a strange thing- the Bell security, that we pay for, is not compatible with the 64-bit operating system that this new puter has. Soooooo-what's up with that? The computer did come with a free 30 day trial of Norton, which is probably what we will end up purchasing. But I am still shaking my head.

I just got the local Wool Tyme newsletter, and Anne is featuring a pattern that I designed years ago (when I first discovered Cascade Fixation)-a wee baby hat. It is a freebie- go and see it here- It makes a great ruffled baby hat (that stays on)-and takes one ball.

I "borrowed" this image-since I do not have a picture of the finished thing. I also designed a ruffled bikini for a baby (I did it in leopard print- but you can make it plain or striped) on Knitty. I called it "Jane of the Jungle". Go and take a peek-

If you do use either of these patterns-send me a pic of the finished item-I would love to see them!!!
Oh- and Happy Canada Day! In a new tradition (I always do this with my friends, I just haven't put it up on my blog)- the reasons to love Canada-
Great medical care
Education at all levels is top notch!
Fresh water- we have lots of it, and I, for one, want to preserve it
Fresh air-nothing smells better
Four distinct seasons-all beautiful
Tim Horton's (I do love me a decaf coffee and a "tractor tire" doughnut (yes, we Canadians spell like that)
Canadian spelling, for that matter
David Suzuki
French and English
Burton Cummings
Tortiere and cretons (ya gotta know Quebec to know those two)
Add your Canadian loves- join a good thing!!!!!!