Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We survived!!!!!

We survived that thunderstorm. The poor little guy-he gets this "hunted" look in his eyes, and then he gets frantic and tries to squish himself under the bed (he doesn't fit under there). Forecast is for more rain today-maybe thunder-Prozac,I can hear you calllliiiinnnnggggggg.
I should really talk about knitting here-I have a decision to make about a sweater that is very nearly done. It is made out of those GORGEOUS mixed purpley shades of Manos wool. I love the stitch (a variation of a tweedy stitch)-it breaks up the colours nicely-but the shape is really boxy-not 100% flattering. The Big Girl Knits has made me really want to rethink the shaping of my knits. I am "top heavy"-and have what is called a "high hip" (means minimal waist, really). I also have long thin arms. (Yeah-aren't you thinking I am cute now?) So-to avoid looking like a potato with arms, I have to figure out how to make the illusion of a waist into my sweaters. Too short-the sweater looks like a sausage casing. Too long-preggo city, since it falls from the bust. Unless I add a waist in somehow. I think I am going to go into my Jackets book-the Jean Frost one- and try to match the yarn with a shape. There IS one that has a leather belt that looks interesting. Of course, I could just re-design the sweater I already knit and go with that. Hmmmmmm. Anyone know of a great pattern for heavy worsted with a bit of variegation?

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