Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yeah, I'm not dead

But close. The kids are now done, after spending an overnight at Fort Henry and then dragging around all day!!!! Luckily, I am "allowed" to take my class with another teacher, and then I stay late, but not overnight (too many arthritic issues). But all that walking still makes a girl kinda sore.
The trip was cool, I must say. The only down side was a double booking(on the part of the Fort)-an Austin Healey "convention", in which the kids were kind of rushed through some history, told to get off the parade ground, then watched while drivers from all around the world brought these cars in, then had a "shooter race" (yes, drinking), and then got back into their cars. Hmmm- what is wrong with this picture?
The good news- got myself a little job doing some writing for the ministry of ed. The bad news- takes some time away from the summer. But it will all work out- a little extra money won't hurt.
Anyhow- here is a bit of a funny- my daughter is 11. And she gets some pretty funny notions. She asked me, when we were on the way to work, if it was true that daddy didn't wear pjs. I said, well, that was true. She countered with - "I don't think he wears underwear." I responded with no, he did not. She turned to me, with great care and concern, "Oh you poor thing. Having to put up with a naked man in your bed when you are just trying to sleep."
I almost drove the car in the ditch.

Happy summer holiday.

Friday, June 12, 2009


My husband, bless his fuzzy little heart, has been working hard on a program with kids who, basically, weren't doing so well. He has them for three periods in a row- and he builds choppers with them. Not just any choppers- hand built and finnished bio-diesel machines- made form old motorcycles annd bits and pieces of all kinds of things. The bio-diesel is made from the French fry oil from the cafeteria. Check it out! He will also be on CBC Radio (Ontario Morning) on Monday.
Isn't he cool?
Love ya, baby-
PS- If you go to YouTube-andn then channel, type in kitplanesolutions, you will see other "old man" videos. Used to be airplanes, now, well, one never knows!!!!!!!!!