Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the Blue Sweater (or, "Big Blue")

Big Blue is coming along. I should explain the flash of pink at the neck-I made one of the diamonds at the top of the back in Ottawa (a yarn by HandMaiden-I guess the one who runs HandMaiden is the daughter of the Fleece Artist owner) (? I think). (No, I haven't BEEN to Ottawa lately) The website is here- The Ottawa is in the dragonfly colourway-mostly pink with some purples and bronzes and a bit of blue. I also put little diamonds along the bottom hem in the Ottawa (pictures on another day-hubby has the camera). I plan on making a scarf/wrap in the Ottawa to wear with-yes, you guessed it-the jacket. I just hope the effect isn't too overwhelming.
Had another thunderstorm last night. The pooch is now resting comfortably, thank you very much.
The airplane flies today! Watch for a big yellow bird way up in the sky if you are in the Kingston area!

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