Monday, September 29, 2008

I know, I know......

I haven't been a very good blogger lately. Sorry. I guess the situation at work has been more trying than I thought. Hopefully, I can get how I feel about it under better control.

Anyhow- about what I have been up to in the knitting world. You know how, when you knit a baby sweater as a gift, the parents will love it (of course!!!!) but once baby outgrows it, well, that is it. I have started making tiny "replica sweaters"- same style, same yarn (although I had to split the plys to make a finer yarn), but tiny-no more than the size to fit the palm of your hand. Make a little wire hanger, and voila! A keepsake at Christmas-a wee ornament for Baby's First Christmas! I thought it might look smart to have a little bit of ribbon tied at the top (still have to get that part!) What do you think?

(Sorry about the blurriness- I love my little camera, but it DOES have its limitations!)
I have also been putting together my lace workshop (at Wool Tyme, Kingston, this Saturday). Because I know that some of the participants also read this blog, I will keep that part "under wraps" for now.

The other "big knitting job" has been working on the top down sweater made out of Fleece Artist Ottawa (very nice stuff to play with). First of all- I have never ever made a top down sweater before. And I don't have a pattern for this one- just an idea in my head. I wanted the "bodice" to be ribbed, a high waist, and then a lacy "skirt" below that. The sleeves will depend on what I have left at the end! Because of the "thick and thin" nature of the yarn, it was difficult to find a lace pattern . I took a simple eyelet based stitch pattern and modified it.

Hmm- what else is new? Oh- we have decided to install hardwood in the main living areas of the house. We are just in the initial phases-we(by that I mean- "the husband did it and I watched") had to remove tile at the front door. We wanted a bigger area of tile there (too tight when people were trying to come in and take boots off) but, of course, couldn't find any matching tile. And, of course, the Big Giant Poodle Head wants to help out (he is, of course afraid of loud noises).
So he just cuddles up to his own "Big Doggie" and supervises the work. (Yes, that is the "teddy" that he sleeps with. He attached himself to one that Annie had- dragging it into his bed and lying on it (and occasionally shaking the hell out of it) I guess he figures it is like sleeping with a brother- I don't know- but he is very attached to it!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I know I haven't been a great blogger lately-life is getting in the way of the pleasure of just writing something down for the heck of it. Anyhow- it seems there are some people who do understand, because I got this-

It seems that Bea at decided I was worthy of such an honour. (And thank you, Bea-it really couldn't have come at a better time).

Bea is one of those bloggers I found through a contest, and kept on reading, because she has really cool projects, an interesting "voice" (both interesting and interested in other people), and, best of all, she has DOGS!!! (Abby and Gus, and I really think my big Bear would love to go and play with them. Too bad they are in Texas!!!). Bea also made me a gorgeous sock knitting bag. I had seen some sock monkey fabric. She searched it down and found some great banana fabric for the lining. (Her etsy shop may be just the place you are looking for!!!). And best of all, Bea keeps her blog interesting, and regular (yes, I am jealous!)

Now- for the 4 blogs I would nominate for this award.............Hmmmm-tough one. These are really not in a numerical order, these 4 are tied for first place.

First up is a friend I have found on blogland- Ruth of She was one of those people I found when I was looking for some fancy, schmancy jewellery for the hubman to give me for a birthday present. Then I found her knitting. AND now she has a business dyeing yarn. Multi-talented. Smart. Thoughtful. And someone I would like to call a friend.

Second up- Diane from . I don't really remember how I found her, but I have continued to read and to correspond with her. Excellent sense of humour, and a really good sense of "equalizing" (and by that, I mean she seems to be able to see past bull***t and focus on what is important. I like that. Oh, and she has a DOG! (the handsome Gypsy).

Thirdly- I have some very good friends, who happen to be from Newfoundland. In fact, they have recently moved back. But I love their sense of humour and the way they look at the world. And she captures it beautifully in her Froggie Meanie blog- plus she has the most beautiful little girls ever!!! (well, except for my own, but, ah, well, I am biased). No dog, however!

And Fourth-Robyn at Robyn, I got to "know" through her store- redbirdknits. She is a fount of knowledge, a talented designer, a skilled knitter. As well as a musician. And just way cool.

So there you have the 4 I would like to nominate. There are many more I love-for many reasons. NOw- I have to inform each of my winners, and then they, in turn, need to nominate 4 of their own and write a post about them. Cool, eh?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thank you

A million thank you's to your supportive comments and emails. I do find that there are some people who find it difficult to accept that if one is disabled, then one is also "not faking". I guess it is like this- if a kid has to wear glasses, are we going to take the glasses away from him and then tell him "if he really tried" he could see the board? Or are we going to try to find a loophole of some sort to try to work around it, so he is still expected to see the Board, just not all the time?
On to other (happier) things-
I have started back on sweater knitting- I just find knitting wool sweaters in the summer is a no-go. Too hot. Too heavy. I also knit something way cool. But I am on the way to work- I will try to take photos later and post them to show you!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Yeah, I'm here

Just totally and completely bummed. There is no other way to express it. See, it's like this. I work full time in a physically taxing job for me- I teach elementary school. I am also disabled. The biggest issue is chronic pain. I also have mobility issues (I walk with a cane) and I fall over with the least provocation. Most of the time, my bosses have accepted that I have some limitations, but my current one does not. And I am getting grief about it. I won't go into detail, but it has proven to be very tiring. And it is really taking the fun out of teaching, I tell you.

Why is it that some people misuse their authority in such appalling ways?