Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alien Alert

This is a public safety message-aliens have been spotted making the rounds of neighbourhood houses. They do not seem to want to cause harm to humans. Please direct them to the nearest swimming pool should they land at your front door. And now back to the regularly scheduled programming.
Here's a conundrum. I have received emails from my secret pal in the Knit Sock Kit Swap (the one who is giving to me) and the first email apparently was not from her! I have contacted the organizers, but they don't have an explanation, since they have no record of 2 people with y address. ODD, HMMMH?
I go and see the doc tomorrow about my knee-he has xrays ordered, so we will get a peek at what is going on. I am a bit worried about my leg. And, true to form, the insurance company feels they know more about my knee than the doctors here do. Must be nice to be all seeing.
I continue to work on the lambie suit-man is it cute! I will get a picture of it when there is more to it-like arms, maybe. This will be one well dressed baboo.
Catch you later-

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