Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things that make you wonder why you are getting up

Okay- I am finally posting. Work has been somewhat crazed lately.

First of all, something good. The lovely Bea at BaaBaa Black Sheep has a contest. She has great prizes, so go on over and see her. She is here- You will have to select from some choices as to whether or not her beautiful dogs can help foretell the election. Could be fun! Make sure you tell her I sent you!
Here's some of the weird stuff.

I sent Missie Annie off to Guides last night, and was all set to curl up with a book, or maybe some knitting, and then, IT HAPPENED. A power outage. Like a serious one. We were out for about 45 minutes (hubby went to pick up Annie, but the Guides were having a Halloween party and they figured it was all part of the fun!) (Surprisingly, Sean was the only parent who went over there to pick up a daughter. Wouldn't you think a good parent would?) So, we finally got power back, got Annie back, and I settled in again for a bit of a lazy. AND IT HAPPENED AGAIN! The power blipped, and then out for an even longer time!!! Poor Bear was in the bedroom when it went out the second time, and the poor dear- I think he was getting scared (and confused). All I could hear was this sorrowful "AAAaaaaaaarooof. Roof?" So once I saved him (I had to go and get him with a lit flashlight). I was the only one up when it came on again (I wanted to make sure the clocks were all set properly).

And then, another reason to wear a black armband...........

THIS is what greeted me when I put the dog out this morning! (pardon the pool equipment-we had taken things out to dry them out so as to be able to store them) And then it SNOWED. Enough to stay on the ground! NOT GOOD.

And I am bored with what I am knitting and I want a new something to knit. I am turning into a knitting slut.

This can't be good.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New project

It is certainly fall around these parts. Not only are the mornings cool and clear, and there has been frost on the ground, and the colours of the trees are spectacular- BUT- I know it is fall because I want to knit sweaters. For me.

I had started a sweater a while ago- out of some kettle dyed yarn- so it would be a bit streaky (the yarn is a deep indigo blue "Araucania Nature Wool Solids") This is really interesting yarn-I quite like it. Anyhow, I started a pattern out of Green Mountain Spinnery- an aran patterned gansey style thing, with a deep, patterned "skirt". But the yarn wasn't right- the streakiness looked "off", and the dark colour hid the textured patterns. So....what to do with this freshly frogged project? I went into Ravelry,, went searching for freebie patterns- and came across the "February Lady Sweater". Pamela Wynne took the baby sweater pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Almanac, and altered/rewrote/whatevered until she had a big sweater! And nit is really something! I am on the lace part-it is a top down construction, so you start with the bodice. I think this is going to be the kind of sweater that you can pop on over dress pants and a Tshirt and look "put together". Or wear it with jeans and look casual and comfortable.
This is much nicer than a sweat shirt.
But not much to photograph at this time!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving Day.......

Thanksgiving Day- makes me things about the things I am truly thankful for.

First of all- my family. Sean is healthy, gainfully employed, as cute as the day we married-he is "da bomb" as they say. And Annie is healthy, and smart, and artistic and musical, and has all the things that we can give her. Bear is a great pup-I was so worried when we first dragged him home that we were bringing home a whole lot of trouble- but nope- we have a wonderful, loyal dog that I love dearly. My mother is 5 minutes away from us, and, at 79, can still be mistaken for a much younger lady (some even still want her to prove she has hit the 65 mark to get the discounts!!!!). She is healthy, full of p and v, and a good friend.

I have enough to eat, enough to knit (well, for now, anyway!!!!), a place to sleep (with a low mortgage that won't keep me up at night), and no feeling that will change in the future.

This Thanksgiving, I cooked about half the meal for my mom, brought it all over to her house, and then had supper with my mom, my husband, my daughter and my two sisters and their families (slightly incomplete families, but most were there). My dog was there, my younger sister's new puppy (a delightful long haired miniature daschund puppy (9 weeks old) named Winston-all 4 pounds of him!) was also part of the entourage, as was my mother's older dog, Elmo (he is a sometimes cranky, very spoiled ShiTzu). So it was great fun- lots of talking, eating, catching up.

So -all's right in my world. Until I have to go back to school tomorrow and face a certain person. The bright side is that I have a top notch student teacher-Hi, Jennifer!- makes the job a whole lot easier.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians-go out and count your blessings.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Today is the day

That I teach my beginner lace class. Any final words? Things I should do? Maybe things I should NOT do?

Advice anyone???

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Now what????????

Earlier this week, I sent my daughter into the garage to get some meat from the chest freezer that we keep in there. She came back out, with the meat in her hand, saying, "This meat is squishy. And the freezer smells."
Seems the husband unit knocked the plug out when he was moving around in the garage LAST WEEKEND-so everything was thawed and sitting out in room temperature for days.