Friday, July 14, 2006

A present? For ME?

I make my family totally crazy at Christmas time. Because I consider it my God given duty to find out what at least 50% of my gifts are BEFORE I open them up on "the day. I also think I should be allowed to open "just one" on Christmas Eve (as a special "thank, we appreciate all the gourmet treats, the beautiful wrapping, the tree decorating, the getting away from the staff party early, and all the other things you do to make this fun for the rest of us" kind of a gift) I, however, am the only one who sees it this way. Anyhow- they are entitled to their opinion, I suppose-but I digress. I am a part of a "sock kit swap" thingee-I have never been involved in a swap before-and I can hardly wait to see what might be winging its way to me in the mail as we speak. My kit has been lovingly prepared and sent (before the deadline of,um, the 19th- I think) I really hope the recipient is happy with the things I put into the kit. I have been cruising the swap blog (you can check it out here-, seeing all the lovely, lovely bags and sock yarns- and I can hardly wait! The suspense is just about killing me! I suppose my "gifter" (I am the "giftee") will probably be from the US- so that means even longer waiting time!!!! Oh the agony! Oh I haven't even gotten a clue as to what might be coming! Oh- it is just killing me!

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