Monday, April 30, 2007

You'd never guess....................

I was sitting in the chair, before supper (of fabulous Chicken Souvlaki-from Costco-you bring it home and BBQ it yourself-I will buy it again)-and I was working on "the sweater"-You can see some shots of it here. I must admit-the yarn is Silk Stream, by Fleece Artist-and the colourway-Sangria- is miserably hard to catch on digital camera. Take my word for it- it is stunning- an absolutely wonderful blend of crimson red, fuchsia and vermilion. I have the back done, one part of one front, and the sleeve started-I am designing as I go-and this one will be a winner, I think. It has a panel up the back, then it is knit sideways from picked up stitches, with ridges knit in between the sections. The band around the shoulder, and hem to hem, is a mosaic stitch. The part with the short "lines" on it is the part that goes under the arm and along the sides-so that part wider than the back. You can sort of see my circular needle- I am making a sleeve.

The front will be scoop-necked, with a little mandarin collar, a nice fancy frog attachment high up on the left side, and left open from there down. I will probably just do an icord edge around the fronts and the hem- but I would like to do a fancy edge to the hem, say 6 inches deep, of some stranded knitting, and some embroidery. And I think I am going to love wearing this sweater/kimono- if I can actually finish it in time.
So what is the crazy rush for this? Next week is the auction, to support the grandmothers in Africa who, due to AIDS, have had to take in their grandchildren. I painted a Muskoka chair, and I was pretty proud of it. And, since all of the artists are to be recognized at the event, I want to look sufficiently "arty"-so I want to wear this damn coat. Anyhow........tonight, just as I was settled in to do some knitting, I got a call from Carol (my "handler" I call her- she is the rep from the organization that tells me what to do when)-anyhow-she wanted me to know that everyone has been oohing and aahing my chair, with its absolutely fabulous finishing (my husband put a high lustre automotive clear coat on it- it looks like it is sopping wet). AND, the organization would like to use my chair as their focal point (!!!). AND they want to interview me (!!!!) on TV (!!!!!!) On Wednesday at lunch (!!!!!!!) Little old me. Cool.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pink Suede Shoes

Tonight, my little girl is at a sleepover, and my husband and I decided it was time to just kick back and relax. We went out to a local "greasy spoon" for some of the best clubhouse sandwiches we have ever had (real turkey, shaved, lots of it, bacon, tomato, lettuce, a touch of mayo, with great fries and oil and vinegar coleslaw) (yee ha!) And the little shop down thew way from this place is a shoe store. "Thanasis Shoe Store and Repair Co."-one of Kingston's best kept secrets (email me if you want a phone number or an address) We were looking in the window- at the new Birks, and then I saw them-the "I MUST have those shoes" kind of shoes. I went in, tried them on-perfect fir- I fell in love with them- and bingo bango- I now have my early Mother's Day gift from my husband. And, without further ado- here are my new Mephisto Special Edition Allrounders- (aside....when I tried them on, my husband told the owner that I make all my socks-and then he said-"Hey, Deb- You should get these shoes- they will show off all of your hand made socks!!!!!!" The owner just kind of rolled his eyes at us, but...I am so pleased that my husband "gets" my socks. And yes, he has hand knit socks, too)
For all of you who are looking for specialty shoes in Canada- this store stocks many kinds, many brands-I don't know if they ship, but the service is spectacular, it is worth a visit.
They are the special "Breast Cancer Support" edition ($10 from every pair gets donated). I have wide feet (and big feet, as well) and these fit like a glove. While I was there, the owner suggested a lift for my Birkenstocks- to make them easier on my "plantar fascitis"sp????-so, for $30, I said, "Sure!"
My husband really is a keeper, don't you think?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wow- what a haul!!!!

Well, It's like this- I won a contest, for being the 201st commenter, over at Knittnfool (here- And this is what Michelle sent!!!! A beautiful skein of Spunky Electric- "speedy super"- a sport weight merino(Pie in the Sky), a pattern for socks, a pattern for a cool belt, knitting needles (metal ones! I do love me good metal needles), seeds for my garden (how could she know how barren my garden is looking these days???) darning needles, chocolate (okay- so I am showing the box only- my bad), and, down in the bottom- a treat can for Mr. Bear!!!! (filled with doggy breath mints) It seems that Kira was able to sneak something into the envelope for Bear-and Bear, well, he was so pleased. He shook hands, he "High fived"- did all his tricks.
Thank you, Michelle! I love it all!!!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

And may I present......

So-what do you think? Sean took it to the shop and put a super clear, super shiny car finish on it- so it will be able to live outside. Because I used a lot of darker blue, I worried about fading and what not.
When I was speaking to one of the organizers, she told me that she is hoping to get at least 200 dollars for each chair (during the auction). I just hope my chair isn't going to be the one that everyone looks away, doesn't make eye contact with anyone, and goes for fifty bucks. I won't be able to keep myself from wailing if that should happen!
So- May 10th-here we come!

I have the back of the kimono done, and part of one front. It'll be close, but I think it will be okay. Keep your fingers (and your knitting needles) crossed!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Gala......

Well, my husband took the painted chair in to the workshop (he teaches tech at a high school) and, let me tell you-he finished it beautifully! He used an automotive car finish-very shiny, very hard (when it is finally cured), but applied thinly, so that the brushstrokes from my work were still there. This guy has the heart of an artist. But the chair glows-like from an inner light. This weekend, I will take a better picture of it- I will set it outside for maximum impact.
Now- about the date-and the winner husband. I asked my mother if she would like to come as well- her answer-"I don't think I would be comfortable going to a shindig that cost $25 just to get in." I said that I would spring for the ticket- but she felt it would be better to go and have a date with my husband. Okay, then.
And the wardrobe- I have been knitting like crazy-I have the back done and one of the fronts started. Of the kimono inspired sweater. I think I should be done by the time the 10th rolls around. I hope I will be done. I might have to pull an all-nighter to get it all done!!!!!!!! Picture will come when it looks more like a sweater.
And I don't want to bring my cane (I have walked with it for years)
Now to figure out my shoes.............................................................................................

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Gala

Well, I am starting to get kind of excited about this big gala thing on the 10th of May. This is where all of the painted chairs will be displayed and then auctioned. I found out this weekend that the tickets are 25 bucks each! Holy Cow! This is a pretty swanky event!!! So I am starting to rethink my wardrobe. I guess it is not formal-but nice clothes are required. Soooo-here is the thing. I am wondering if I have enough time to finish my kimono style jacket (the bright red-orange-fuchsia Silk Stream from Fleece Artist) I have the back about 70% finished. That leaves the fronts and shorter sleeves (sort of wide). And then I have some of those separates- you know- the slinky knit that is really heavy when you hold it and doesn't ever get wrinkled? I have a tunic, long skirt and pants in dark navy blue-I could wear the jacket over top, right? Hmm- what else do I have....I have a hand painted silk jacket (sort of pumped up pastels). I also have a lovely linen blend suit- long navy blazer with a lovely goldenrod (hey- they named the colour) skirt and matching silk blouse. And navy pumps. I guess I want to look more "arty" (and less like a middle aged teacher). Apparently, the artists will be wearing name tags and will be introduced as "the artists" Hmmmmmmmm. What else do I have? Not much. I have a couple of dresses that are more summery (hey-this is April, now, and it is snowing to beat the band out there). I also have one extra ticket- should I take the husband (who is putting the clear coat on with a sprayer) or my mother? (who can't believe I actually have done all of this creative stuff- designing clothes, getting into books, painting chairs, and on and on).
Suggestions for clothes? For my "date"?????????

Edited later:
Oh no. It has happened again. Those poor people at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va. Bless those families who are looking for their children's names on the lists of those hurt and killed. I don't think I could bear it.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

And we have a winner!!!!!!!!!!

I actually had a total of 19 suggestions-in my little "Name the Big Furry Sheep" Contest- and the ideas were truly marvellous. Now, remember- in this family, when left to our own devices, we name things in totally odd ways- our last dog was Mr. Boufu Butterscotch, with a runner up name of Colonel Joe Pinocchio-and yes, people were worried when we had a baby-sooooo, I figured I would let "the expert" choose the name. The expert is, of course, my 9 year old daughter- when she was a wee toddler, she "created" a large, integrated family of invisible mice-Clown Face was the patriarch, Daisy was one (!) of his wives , Ruby, Angel, and thousands of little baby mice- they used to drive around in a rainbow glitter limousine (in fact, when driving along in our car, she would often point out the window and tell us that the mousies were just barely catching up to us) Anyhow, imagination is not a small commodity in this house.
And the winner is............................RAMSES (ikkinlala was the email name)
And, because there was a need for a last name.............WOOLINGTON (Renee of Froggie Meanie)
So winners- send me your full names and snail mail addresses- so I can send you something luscious in the mail! (Oh- and an idea of colours you like might be of some help-if I have something in the stash that might work) My email is debDOTseanATsympaticoDOTca (and take out the BOLD words and replace with the right stuff- you know the drill)
Thanks to everyone for sending in their suggestions!!!

PS- My husband feels that he has been slighted- he named the big sheep Lam-bo, after a super high-end Lamborghini extreme sports vehicle (the nickname for it was the Rambo Lam-bo)I can't see the resemblance. You? Tee hee

Friday, April 13, 2007


C'mon now- it'll be good stuff for the prize- try a name for my big sheep/ram- (scroll down) Contest closes tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I am such a kid

Okay- so I got up and turned on the television, because I wanted to see Amy Singer "do her thing" on television. You see, it always interests me about what people look and sound like-after I have gotten to "know" them on line. Amy has always been great to work with, very personable. And of course, I knew what she looked like from the books. But such a kick to also hear her! (and she sounds like I would expect) Anyhow, she also brought along the trunk show from "No Sheep For You." And what do you know- the first of her models had on the robe that I designed and knit. What a kick. What a kid I am to take such pleasure from seeing it on tv! And her models were other knitters/bloggers that she has spoken of, on her blog ( I just peeked at Amy's blog- she has the whole piece from the tv show up! Go and see it- I'll wait. Back already? Wasn't that cool? Now to get them to mention my name......hmmmmmm (mine was the green silk robe, by the way).

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter! ... and a contest.......

And so, this morning, Annie had a wonderful time finding all of the plastic eggs that Ahab the Bun-Rab had hidden around the house (all inside- way too cold to be outside- we even had snow! In fact-it feels colder today that it did on Christmas Day!). And I found this-a huge stuffed lamb (that was addressed to "little Debbie" and has a "baaaaaaa" noise all its own when you squeeze his ram's horn) and a cashew-butter-truffle chocolate bunny-in a metal case. My husband, once I ooo-ed and ahhhh-ed over it all, said,"I thought the case might be the right size for your double pointed needles. Or you could use it to hold something or other for your knitting things. I got the bunny because of the box." Oh- he's a keeper all right. And the big sheep- he needs a name-anything good comes in, I just might have to send the suggester some yarn. Like some sock yarn or something or other. You'll let me know what you like- but it will be NICE- from my stash. Email me- debDOTseanATsympaticoDOTca (but fix it up first) or leave me a suggestion in the comments-and I will choose the best name for the giant sheep. By, say, Saturday? A CONTEST it is, then.
I am also fiddling with the bright BRIGHT Silk Stream (Fleece Artist)- something that Deborah Newton did in "Designing Knitwear". She made panels of textured knit, with some patterned, two colour stuff, and sewed them into a kimono type coat. So I have been playing with a big swatch- you can click it for BIG. I kinda like it. Anyhow., I was thinking of putting a big swatch down the middle of the back, with some two-colour ones beside it, then some sideways knit (pick up stitches and knit towards the side seams) next to that. I like the idea of shorter sleeves (like to the elbow) and longer body- to wear over a solid one colour outfit. Any suggestions? Has anyone done this before? I will keep on knitting-see how it goes. I thought I would use some charcoal tweed silk (It is almost jet black), as well as some of the blue left from Big Blue-the blue would be in thin rolled reverse stockinette strips between the larger parts-we'll see if it looks like what I have in my head. If not- well, to the marination chamber it goes!
Well, I have to go and check on cooking the supper- instead of ham, I thought I might go with salmon on the BBQ- but it is too cold. So I decided on a nice prime rib. But now I have to check how long to cook it-
Happy Easter!

PS- Two, very, very sad Easter jokes-
Q-What do you get when you have a line up of bunnies, and they all take one step backwards?
A-A receding hare (hair) line.

and, as ever....
Q- What kind of rabbit practices medicine in the operating room?
A- The Ether Bunny.

PPS- Bear got a new squeaky toy- he loves it!

Edited later- Oh my- Excitement time! --Amy Singer, over at , is going to be on Breakfast Television-in Toronto-this Wednesday, between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m.- with the trunk show for the "No Sheep For You" book. I wonder if they will show the silk bathrobe?

Later again- For some reason, the picture of the swatch I have been knitting is not always on the blog. Hmmm- let me know if it isn't there, would you? Thanks-

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I won I won I won!

Yep- little old me, who rarely wins much of anything- I was the 201 st commenter over at KnittnFool (here- and I am getting some yarn for my trouble! Gotta love that!
The chair is off to get photographed for the event-it still needs a bit of a clear coat on top of it-but that will come-next week's job-
I ended up putting a quote from Henry Van Dyke on the bottom of it- "Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars." Kinda says it all for me.
The baby hats have been a huge hit-people are asking me if I take orders right left and centre. I never really know quite what to say- it's like saying- thank you for the compliment, but I am a busy girl. Ya know? How do you folks handle it? By the way, I quoted outrageous prices for a baby hat- they didn't even BLINK!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

This is Bear-

I love this picture of Bear- he looks like a punch drunk puppy- doesn't he? He has a piece of chewbone in his mouth-and Annie's hockey helmet on. Poor guy- he doesn't know how entertained I am by this picture.

Speaking of pictures- check this out- this is in one of Lavold's books, and I just fell in love with it. And, had the Lavold angora on for half price, and in the bright red, and soooooooooo..... well, you can guess what happened. This sweater is for the next Christmas season, so I figure I have lots of time to make it. I think I might modify the sleeve- I don't usually do well with a dropped shoulder. We'll see. And I could wear it over black? Or dark gray? Or..? I think it will look quite smart.
Annie just got back from an overnight Brownie camp- and man- is she pooped! Off to go hose her down..........