Thursday, June 29, 2006

End of the year

Well, today is the day-my A. is finishing up Grade 2. I think she has mixed feelings about it-on one hand, she is excited about the holidays. On the other hand, she will miss her friends. Since we don't live in the school cachement area, she doesn't live near her classmates. Soooo- drive drive drive is the way we live. Oh well.
I DID get one present made-the one for one of my educational aides (SSSHHHH- I am almost afraid to say I had two full time aides this year in my classroom-it is basically unheard of-but that was the nature of my class). It is a scarf out of Patagonia cotton-a hand dyed, thick and thin confection. I would LOVE a whole sweater made out of this stuff, let me tell you.

And, just because I am amazed at what my husband can do-this is a pic of his class project (he teaches tech. at a high school)

That's right-high school, NOT college. Cool, eh?

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DianeS said...

We made the tactical error of getting our daughter involved in 4H. This means that many of her friends were a long ways away. Oh well, she made good friends, learned a lot and had fun.

The plane is very cool!