Friday, July 28, 2006


A knit pal has written to me with a request for help-she is about 20 yards short of finishing a project out of Fleece Artist Silk Stream in (I think) the Origin colourway. She sent the picture. And when Blogger lets me upload another, I will.
Can anyone help out with about 20 yards worth?
Let me know!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Knee news....and, I'VE ARRIVED!

Went to see the doctor (surgeon) about my knee- he says- good news- bone looks good, prosthesis looks good. He looked for hairline cracks and for inflammation from infection. Thankfully did not find either. Bad news-not sure what is wrong. Could be a case of scar tissue that has ripped and made the knee mad. Also- long term pain in the knee could be affecting it now. Soooooo-I am now on a med to increase circulation in my legs (gotta watch if I stand up too fast-I can go down just as fast from the spins), as well as a heavy duty NSAID-non steroidal anti-inflammatory. AND-more bad news- this may affect my return to work-I may not be able to go back full time as I had planned. Blah.
Now- there had to be a good thing, right? About 6 weeks ago, I submitted the pattern and the finished item for an upcoming book. (still kinda hush hush) BUT- a very important person in the Interweave company emailed me to say she thought it was luscious! Can you believe it! When I can, I will tell you who said it. But LUSCIOUS! High praise indeed.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alien Alert

This is a public safety message-aliens have been spotted making the rounds of neighbourhood houses. They do not seem to want to cause harm to humans. Please direct them to the nearest swimming pool should they land at your front door. And now back to the regularly scheduled programming.
Here's a conundrum. I have received emails from my secret pal in the Knit Sock Kit Swap (the one who is giving to me) and the first email apparently was not from her! I have contacted the organizers, but they don't have an explanation, since they have no record of 2 people with y address. ODD, HMMMH?
I go and see the doc tomorrow about my knee-he has xrays ordered, so we will get a peek at what is going on. I am a bit worried about my leg. And, true to form, the insurance company feels they know more about my knee than the doctors here do. Must be nice to be all seeing.
I continue to work on the lambie suit-man is it cute! I will get a picture of it when there is more to it-like arms, maybe. This will be one well dressed baboo.
Catch you later-

Monday, July 24, 2006

this is a knitting blog, right...?

Before I start with the knitting part of today's entry-this is my cane (my constant companion). I have used a cane for years, and it was getting rather grungy looking. So- I decide to "refresh" it-one night when I was at a party. My mother had these fabulous printed napkins. So I "liberated" a couple of them. I split the layers until I was only dealing with the top printed part, then cut out all of the individual flowers. In the meantime, my husband had whipped up to Canadian Tire (we are within 10 minutes drive to Canadian Tire, Home Depot, the airport-you can see how this would please my husband), bought some ivory spray paint (I had sent him with a tiny little square from the napkin in the colour I wanted) and painted the cane. Then I shellac-ed all of the napkin bits in place. Couple of coats of shellac later-badaboom, badabing. I am amazed at how many people have talked to me about this cane! I even had offers of $$! Maybe I will buy a few canes and decorate them-say in sailing motif, or dogs, or cats.....or even back to flowers. I wonder how much I should sell them for?
Now the knitting part...........
I have been working on the Trekking XXL sock-man this is beautiful yarn.It has great body to the yarn-a nice firm twist-and the colours! Oh my. Each stretch of colour has three strands of colour-then one changes and the whole look of the tweed changes. This particular one has greens, yellows, some reds, oranges and aquas, with some dark blue and black thrown in. I think they will make a spectacular pair of socks, but I almost wish I had saved this for gloves!

I started the little lambie suit-OMG- too cute for words. And, true to form, Debbie Bliss has built in excellent shaping. The little feet have a seam along the sole, and shaping around the toe and the heel. The front has a long button band (garter stitch), and the mitts are attached. The hood has ears, and the bottom has-what else-a tail! Too sweet. There is also a bunny pattern in the collection. I have some supersoft cream alpaca-maybe I will make a little lamb to go along with this baby gift. The Csection is scheduled for August 8th!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


For years, I have had knee problems-some of which from beating them up as a younger person, the other part from a deformity inside the knee. I have had MANY surgeries-lateral releases, patellar-tendon transfer, etc., etc., and, most recently, a total knee replacement. I am 47, and I chose the replacement because I could no longer do the things I wanted to do. I also have an 8 year old daughter, so I need to keep active. I had researched the total knee, had talked to people, asked lots of questions-I thought it would be okay. Initially, it was great-I really thought this was going to work out. But then something happened to it. I went to physio, tried a new machine-told the physio it hurt-and, whether this was coincidence or not, that point marked the beginning of a downward trend.
The doctor looked at it, drained it, thought I probably had a bit of a bleed into the joint (he didn't seem too excited about it, so I wasn't), said off you go, should be fine. Nope. Wasn't that easy. So-next thought-was it an infection? No. blood tests came back negative. A few scenarios were bandied about-most recent being the possibility of circulation problems. A new drug. So far, still too early to tell. In the meantime, I have to stay quiet, not get too active, can't do physio until this is resolved, getting both bored and frustrated (as you know, if you have been reading this blog for a while-A mind like mine at rest is not pretty to watch. Then, as if it couldn't get much worse-the insurance company (for my disability) emails me (not even the courtesy of a letter or call) to tell me that I am no longer going to receive benefits, since their doctors feel recovery from a knee replacement is 3 months. Only. I had given them copies of a note from the surgeon that said, due to long term issues with both knees, I will not be eligible to return to work until September 1. But this isn't good enough-apparently, the person who made this decision says that he wrote that because I am a teacher and don't want to work in the summer. When I questioned this comment, I was told I am welcome to get more information to them. From the surgeon they already don't believe. Yeah,that's going to help.
Soooooo. Here I sit, pain in the knee, thinking about pain in the ass people. (and, since I have been up since 4:07 a.m., because my knee hurt, I considered calling this Frances person to talk to her about her decision. Good thing I don't have her home number).

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gee I love new babies........

My friend's daughter is having a baby-like SOON-and I haven't even knit anything for the poor tyke yet! Soooooo- I grabbed "Old Faithful"- a Debbie Bliss book extraordinaire-

Flipped through it (I always find something I like in it) and found a gorgeous little lamb suit for the baby . It is truly the sweetest thing ever. Of course I had to go and buy more yarn. I had some soft grey wool in the stash for the body, but my husband said, "No baby wants to be the grey lamb. Make it like the picture." Bless his fuzzy little heart- off I went to my LYS.

I bought a new yarn (to me anyway) it is made by Scheepjes and called Donna- half wool, half acrylic. But the hand on this stuff-like it is part silk! Absolutely stunning stuff. It is dk weight (just a titch heavier) and would make a gorgeous shirt style sweater to wear with a skirt or pants. But I digress. The feet and hands and ears will be dark brown (the grey was like a blue grey-too light IMHO), and the body a warm ivory. Way cool.

AND in other news-my secret pal got her Knit Sock Kit from me (at long last!) (Maybe the mail gods heard me grousing about the slow service). She seems to like it- go and see here what she has to say-

Have a good weekend, hug a tree or a kid-or both.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Canada Post

What IS it about the mail service? I recently got involved in a Knit Sock Kit Swap. The deal is- you had to make a bag, fill it up with sock making goodies, and send it off to your secret partner. And someone else was chosen to do the same to you. Okay- sounds like fun. I had a riot getting the stuff together for my "pal" in Florida. Although the deadline for getting stuff out is in August, I decided sooner was better. So I mailed everything off on the 12th. Of July. Supposed to take 8 or 9 days. When I go to their "computerized tracking", I see that the package is in the Toronto area, and has been since the 14th! What gives? I paid the 15 bucks to mail it (it wasn't a big nor a heavy package) and thought that it would be reasonable to expect it at its destination in a timely fashion? Or am I living in the land of the deluded? (However a happy place that might be)
Onto other news-I won something! Yeah- ME! Shelley, over at Fun Knits ( had a contest about a Scrawl-as in-it was something she designed, could someone tell her what it was and how the name was derived. And a bunch of us got it right-including me- and I was a runner up! Yeah Shelley!!!!!! I get two balls of lovely sock yarn (just what I needed, although my husband has differing views on that point!)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the Blue Sweater (or, "Big Blue")

Big Blue is coming along. I should explain the flash of pink at the neck-I made one of the diamonds at the top of the back in Ottawa (a yarn by HandMaiden-I guess the one who runs HandMaiden is the daughter of the Fleece Artist owner) (? I think). (No, I haven't BEEN to Ottawa lately) The website is here- The Ottawa is in the dragonfly colourway-mostly pink with some purples and bronzes and a bit of blue. I also put little diamonds along the bottom hem in the Ottawa (pictures on another day-hubby has the camera). I plan on making a scarf/wrap in the Ottawa to wear with-yes, you guessed it-the jacket. I just hope the effect isn't too overwhelming.
Had another thunderstorm last night. The pooch is now resting comfortably, thank you very much.
The airplane flies today! Watch for a big yellow bird way up in the sky if you are in the Kingston area!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Knitting, More Knitting, and a Plane

First of all, God bless air conditioners everywhere-they just keep on doing their jobs, keeping people like me who can't seem to tolerate the heat anymore nice and cool so we can knit!

The mostly blue modular sweater is coming along-I took the pinky Ottawa off the collar, made a more dignified narrow shawl collar for it, then edged the fronts on 3 stitch I-cord edging for the button bands, and 5 stitch I-cord edging for the collar. The new skein of Silk Stream I got was not, in fact, in the Mermaid colourway, but in the Woodland colourway. The colours are identical-the proportions are not. So I am using it for edgings and for sleeves. I think it will work.

I have also been working on my Trekking XXL sock- I swear it is like a drug-you just can't get enough of it-watching the colours change. (I know I know- I need to get out more)

And this is the airplane my husband built with his classes, and in which he will (hopefully) be flying to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for a huge home built airplane show. (the show is huge-not necessarily the airplanes) This weekend. To get there for next week.

It's really yellow, don't you think?

(By the way- I spent our anniversary being taught how to edge, tape and paper a surface to be painted, and then proceeded to do same to this airplane. My husband now owes me till the end of time.)

Friday, July 14, 2006

A present? For ME?

I make my family totally crazy at Christmas time. Because I consider it my God given duty to find out what at least 50% of my gifts are BEFORE I open them up on "the day. I also think I should be allowed to open "just one" on Christmas Eve (as a special "thank, we appreciate all the gourmet treats, the beautiful wrapping, the tree decorating, the getting away from the staff party early, and all the other things you do to make this fun for the rest of us" kind of a gift) I, however, am the only one who sees it this way. Anyhow- they are entitled to their opinion, I suppose-but I digress. I am a part of a "sock kit swap" thingee-I have never been involved in a swap before-and I can hardly wait to see what might be winging its way to me in the mail as we speak. My kit has been lovingly prepared and sent (before the deadline of,um, the 19th- I think) I really hope the recipient is happy with the things I put into the kit. I have been cruising the swap blog (you can check it out here-, seeing all the lovely, lovely bags and sock yarns- and I can hardly wait! The suspense is just about killing me! I suppose my "gifter" (I am the "giftee") will probably be from the US- so that means even longer waiting time!!!! Oh the agony! Oh I haven't even gotten a clue as to what might be coming! Oh- it is just killing me!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We survived!!!!!

We survived that thunderstorm. The poor little guy-he gets this "hunted" look in his eyes, and then he gets frantic and tries to squish himself under the bed (he doesn't fit under there). Forecast is for more rain today-maybe thunder-Prozac,I can hear you calllliiiinnnnggggggg.
I should really talk about knitting here-I have a decision to make about a sweater that is very nearly done. It is made out of those GORGEOUS mixed purpley shades of Manos wool. I love the stitch (a variation of a tweedy stitch)-it breaks up the colours nicely-but the shape is really boxy-not 100% flattering. The Big Girl Knits has made me really want to rethink the shaping of my knits. I am "top heavy"-and have what is called a "high hip" (means minimal waist, really). I also have long thin arms. (Yeah-aren't you thinking I am cute now?) So-to avoid looking like a potato with arms, I have to figure out how to make the illusion of a waist into my sweaters. Too short-the sweater looks like a sausage casing. Too long-preggo city, since it falls from the bust. Unless I add a waist in somehow. I think I am going to go into my Jackets book-the Jean Frost one- and try to match the yarn with a shape. There IS one that has a leather belt that looks interesting. Of course, I could just re-design the sweater I already knit and go with that. Hmmmmmm. Anyone know of a great pattern for heavy worsted with a bit of variegation?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Today is going to be a might crazy.....

I have a little dog, who is usually a gentle-natured, pleasant little fur person, who is terrified of thunderstorms. I don't mean the "gee I am feeling a bit tense" kind of nervous. I mean the rabid, chewing at his fur, frothing at the mouth, shivering uncontrollably kind of fear. Mind- he wasn't always this way. It all started back when A. was about 5 and discovered that if one put a balloon onto the neck of a balloon pump and pumped furiously, a loud sound would be emitted. And then she would laugh uproariously. Not so the fur guy. He has become this quaking, wild eyed little beast, who would chew through anything to get away from "the sound"-be it fireworks, firecrackers, balloons popping, thunder, cars back-firing- you get the drift. Soooooo- today has a 70% chance of boomers. Boy Howdy. Sounds like fun. (And yes, the vet has suggested Prozac- I figure on good days- he gets one, and on bad days, we share)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Sock Kit Swap

This is what I am sending to my secret pal for the sock kit- I hope it is okay. The bag has a green lining, and there is a pair of scissors on a ribbon inside it. The purple thing in the front is a package of Canadian wildflower seeds embedded in a piece of handmade paper. (I thought I would use it as a card). There is an organic chocolate bar, some Harry Potter jelly beans (some of them are quite nasty!!-but fun!) and some moose droppings. Oh- and some magnets to hold her pattern in a safe spot (the colours match her dishes) As well, there are some stitch markers and a treat for her son. I wonder if it is ok? I have never done one of these before- let me know if I have left anything out.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Trust me....

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. - George Carlin (stolen from Zeneedle) (thanks!)

Today is one of those kinds of summer days.

Trust me.

Friday, July 07, 2006

How come.......?

How is it that a child can stay in a pool for hours and hours and hours, having a great old time, but needs to be chased to get into a tub and take a proper bath????????

I wonder if I add a little shampoo to the chlorine? Hmmmmmmm.

PS: The 11 year old schnoodle has been rejuvenated -he still doesn't swim very well (I have had to go into the water to save him more than a couple of times over the years)-but he does love a good splash. The more kids in the pool, the better.

Didn't get a whole lot of knitting done today, however. Maybe I can show pictures of my Kit for my Sock Kit Swap-stay tuned.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Trekking XXL

Oh my.Trekking XXL, colourway 100. Enough said.(Except- yes, Ruby, yours is coming)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Littlest Pets

The kidlet is way addicted to them. And they are kinda cute in a wobbly necked sort of way. See?

She has all these games and scenarios that surround these guys. Some of them are "streeters" (they don't have houses- they live on the street) and some have mates. There is a daily vote as to who is the reigning King and Queen (and, interestingly enough, sometimes the Queen has absolute power, and sometimes not). The pic shows a parade of mate choosing (matching by colour and species). And they all have to play in the playground. And go to the doctor. And get fed. I kinda like the mice and the hamsters, although the little lizards and crabs are kinda cute. She wants a butterfly and a skunk-but I haven't been able to find them around here. Anyone have a good source?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy July 4th

A very Happy July 4th to our American neighbours. We celebrated today by dragging out A.'s pool and splashing around. The wee beastie (the dog) figured out how to slide in and out, so he is also happy.
I know- we all celebrate in our own ways!

Monday, July 03, 2006

What shall I do?

I have about 1.5 skeins of Ottawa (a Hand Maiden/Fleece Artist confection- go and see it here- ) in the dragonfly colourway. I was thinking of knitting up this little puppy- Ilga Leja's design (Lady of the Forest, I think). The yarn is oh so soft and pretty. I imagine I would have enough in 1.5 skeins- it comes to about 900 metres (or about 990 yards). Hmm- with a nice tassel at the point? The yarn is hot pink and blue with bits of purple and bronze. Yummy

Sunday, July 02, 2006

12 years today........

To the man I dated for two weeks, got engaged to, married 6 months after that......
To the daddy of our little girl......
To the guy who loves animals, airplanes, and a good beef barbeque...........
To the fellow who drives me batty one minute, then endears me the next........

I love you.
Happy Anniversary.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!

We Canucks celebrate July 1st as our National Holiday-parades, no work, fireworks, you get the idea! Around our home town, there is also something called Fanfayr- a juried arts and crafts show and sale (all held outdoors) that runs until tonight. We went down yesterday. I got tie-dyed t-shirts for my husband (no, he is not a "Dead Head", he is a lover of "groovy clothes") (Still wears the same style of Levi's that he started to wear as a teen-ager)(Okay- a bit bigger now, but... same style). I also got a lovely bowl for my mother-in-law for Christmas. Her kitchen is way cool-tiled in purple-so I try to get her purple things to match it. This one is by Ashburn Pottery in Baltimore, Ontario. They also had some stunning really high mugs I would have liked.
But didn't get. Also met a lady who sells yarn. Hmmm-more on that later!!!!
Have a safe and happy Canada Day, whatever you do!

Before I forget- I DO have something truly Canadian looking to wear- CANADA SOCKS! (they are actually Opal sock yarn, from Fun Knits in BC) (Photo courtesy of my 8 year old, since I can't take a good picture of my own feet if my life depended on it !)