Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My name is Deb and I have a problem-it is STARTITIS in the worst way. And, to compound the issue, I also have the nowannafinishits. (careful) I get all jazzed about a project, and get the yarn, and do the swatch, and knit and knit, and then, well, something happens. I want to start something new. I might be, oh-half a sleeve away from the end, and I just can't get the thrill of something new out my head. I have three sweaters that just need an hour or two to finish them up. I just can't seem to get the mental discipline together to make it happen. I know- I just have to tell myself to get going, and do it.
Right now, I am close to finishing up Big Blue. I did finish the baby lambie suit-but that was just small. And now I am eyeing a cardigan from a new book (Knit-Handmade Style-there is some info on it here-http://www.murdochbooks.com.au/handmadeknit.htm) -it is basically a large rectangle, knit out of 2 colours of dk, with a shaped sleeve. It looks like the cuff of the sleeve is knit first, and then the stitches are picked up from that. The instructions say that the secret of a good fit is to make the back only as wide as you are across the shoulders. As well, there is a note that says the finished garment can be pressed to size to create a looser fit. The it goes on to say "A row tension of 36 rows to 10 cm(4 in) in the finished garment can be blocked to 26 rows to 10 cm (4 in)" I'm going to have to play with that one, methinks.
The book, by the way, was only $14.95 Cdn. at the local Chapters. There are some great looking slippers, as well as info on how to dye yarn with Jell-o, some wire-knitting necklaces, lots of good stuff. Worth a look.


Samantha said...

Startitis -- Yup! Me too. I have to force myself to finish projects. I'm one sleeve away from finishing a baby sweater -- tiny tiny sleeve -- and I just don't want to do it. I want to start something new and exciting! :)

Leanne said...

I too suffer from startitis. I have several almost-finished neglected items in my knitting basket, and several others that I'm actively working on, but still the lure of something new always draws me in.

Jenny said...

Good Morning Deb!!!