Monday, August 07, 2006

Is this cool or what?

Okay- a couple of very very cool things have crossed my computer screen this weekend. The first is actually something that was made for a friend of mine. it is a needle tree-check it out! It is basically a piece of a tree, that has been sanded and finished, and has had holes drilled into it to hold the needles (Ruby has some pretty fancy needles, so this is for her special ones). The other way cool thing is from here She has started a business (Leggy Creations) and she makes custom sock stretchers. Oh go on- go see them- I'll wait. Are they not the coolest things?
Once again- absolute awe for people who are so completely talented.
Onto knitting news- the lambie suit is done-baby is coming tomorrow (scheduled C-section) and blocking as we speak. Pics when it is dry.
Big Blue has been resurrected- I am on the final part- the last sleeve. So this will be something to toss on over a shirt and pants for school. Perfect!
Happy long weekend, fellow Canadians! (The neighbours took Missie A. to the beach-hubby is off flying airplane- I am at home lounging in my pjs and drinking coffee-I often tell people, when they ask what I am up to, that I am lying around in bed, drinking gin, smoking cigars and reading smut. I sometimes wonder, judging by the looks, if people really do think I have the time to do that kind of crap. Makes for a good line, though. Wonder how it would look on my business cards.Hmmmmmm)

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Becky in FL said...

Thanks Deb. You are too sweet!