Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I think I've got it....

The Funky Scarf thing- NOT the parcel thing (had a dream last night that today was the day the package came) (We'll see) . This is taking up a fair bit of time-I think because I have no idea what is truly funky. No clue.
Anyhow- the scarf thing-my partner (the giftee, not the giver) said that if her job was different, she would like to have pink hair. Okay-------getting a picture here-this is a girl who likes to take calculated risks. So- I was checking out Jane Thornley (you can see her stuff here http://www.janethornley.com/journal_knitters.php ). She uses a main idea- like a colour, or a picture, or something from her garden, to focus in her work, then knits something. She has a very interesting stash, methinks, judging by the mix of things she uses. So I thought- hey-I could do that! I started with a colour family (purples and pinks) and gathered up all the bits that I had that would work together-then arranged it all in a grouping so I could look at it for awhile (gotta make sure the light wasn't giving me a false reading of colour). I have been walking past it for 2 days now- so far so good. I think I need to add a colour-it will probably be that acidic green in very small quantities. Then I will try to set up the beading.(Jane says she just doesn't do plain) I think we might have a winner here.
If I get up off my lazy b--- today, I just might take a picture of my grouping- let me know if you even want to see it.

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Anonymous said...

looks like you fouind your inspiration. bravo !