Thursday, August 03, 2006

Progress and Prizes

Contest still on- I will draw tomorrow at 4:00 ish (okay-I am an "ish" kind of person). There are two prizes- one for the first right answer,(and since that is someone I know-it will be sock yarn) and the other to be drawn from all the right answers. Here is that prize-

One beautiful skein of Artful Yarns Portrait- a wonderfully soft haze of colour-the label has a "One Skein Scarf" on it. I don't know-maybe it is because I am a fallen away Catholic chick-or maybe I just doubt everything-but I bought TWO balls of the stuff. But ya know-one skein scarves are generally made out of, yes, you guessed it-ONE SKEIN! (should have caught onto that). It made a lovely gift for my daughter's teacher-and the scarf came in at about 7 inches wide by about 43 or 44 inches. And it was very pretty. And this is its twin. In a ball.

Next up- my progress on the lambie suit -Loving this lambie (although my hubby thinks it is kind of dog like at this point-maybe if I sew the ears down a bit?) I still have one arm and one tail (yes- it even has a tail-like how sweet is THAT?) At this point, it does look a little odd and lopsided-but trust me- this is going to be one cute baby-so he needs a nice suit.

I also did something to the sleeve that I would highly recommend-once I knit to the shoulder (in this pattern, you knit the mitt first, then up the arm). I counted my stitches (64) and then, with another circular needle and another ball of yarn, I picked up 64 stitches around the armhole. Then-a three needle bind off was performed while watching old reruns of Stargate (yeah- a little addicted to that show lately). So neat! So tailored and finished looking! I love it! And so easy! No pinning the pieces together, no swear words, no nuthin'! Seeeeeeeeeeeee- Isn't that neat? Love it. Love it.LOVE IT.
Gotta go finish this suit- the little man is due to make a planned entry by C-section on August 8th.
Stay cool.


Samantha said...

The lamby suit is so sweet.

When will you reveal the answer to your quiz? I'm quite curious.

Bliss said...

That lamby suit is adorable! I want to make one and I have no babies. Hmm...can puppies wear lamby suits? Hee!