Friday, August 11, 2006

contest winnings

A few weeks ago, Shelley, over at had a contest. She had designed a scrawl, and wanted to know if anyone knew how she came up with the name. I had a guess, turned out I was right-so my name was put in the bin-turns out I was a runner up! So I got two balls of a lovely sock yarn-

It is Gedifra Sportivo-lovely and soft-similar colouration to the Trekking XXL. The scrawl is actually made out of this yarn. But she tossed in a little surprise for me- a tiny tiny ball of Opal-I took the picture with a pen beside it for scale. Isn't it cute???
Anyhow-you, too, can own these lovely gifts-by ordering from Shelley's on line business! (Just go to her blog, the links are there). She has a shop on Quadra Island, B.C.-I would LOVE to go and see it-it looks like such a lovely place to shop! I even ordered some Fun Knits sock yarn (a custom dye by Lorna's Laces). I also wanted the Quadra Island dye job-but...maybe next time. Another blogfriend (Peg, from has apparently been there. I guess I will just put it on my list of things to do, places to go, people to meet. Hmmm- I wonder what else I should put on my list????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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Ruby said...

the little opal is so small, what could you make out of it nothing I guess