Monday, August 21, 2006


It's still not here. I can't even talk about it.
As promised- here is the picture of the other attempt at a funky scarf- this was based on a description (and a pattern, as I recall) from an Interweave Knits magazine- about using the pooling tendency of variegated yarns to your advantage, and making a sort of IKAT design. So this is what came up with (I think it is Little Lola- except that I probably called it Anne yesterday). It is interesting, yes, but...? I can't say I am truly wild about it. So- back to the think tank it goes (or brain drain, depending on the day)

In yesterday's blog, I linked to the Interweave scarf gallery, and got a comment from one very talented Mandy ( and she agreed with me about the general design of the submissions being "interesting, but..." except for one- the "Me and My Shadow" idea. She refers to it as "Brilliant"- and when you sit and think about it- it truly, truly is. (Go and see it- check out yesterday's blog for a link) If I had made a shadow of myself, and then wrapped it round and round my neck- yes, I would be very very warm. But the whole idea of shaping something to represent "x" and then using it in such a way so that no one really knows what it is (other than a scarf) -very intriguing.
I just got an email saying I have to write a 100 word bio of myself. Geesh. What to say? What NOT to say? Any ideas?

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DianeS said...

Sorry about that, but mine came today and it's just terrific!