Monday, August 14, 2006

Me and My Fly Guy

Husband took me on a hot date yesterday(Sunday)-At 8:00 a. m. , we climbed aboard the airplane he built (yeah- my knees were shaking a bit) (just the two of us, as it only has two seats- the little one was with Nana) -and off we went!
First, a leisurely tour of Kingston and the area-with special attention to some of the fabulous properties on Amherst Island. The off to Picton for a fly-in breakfast (the group at the local airport is quite active- they host these things regularly). So- hot coffee, bacon, eggs, toast, homefries-all cooked while you watched- topped off with homemade raspberry muffins! (no pictures, since I never know how people respond to having their pic on the web). The interesting part was that as soon as we landed, the airplane was surrounded by about a dozen guys-all wanting to know all about this engine and that body and and and......... It was nice to see Sean getting some recognition for his work. After we ate and chatted with people, off we went again-this time to tour Picton and area by air. It was loads of fun.
Saturday was spent at the Sheep Dog Trials-lots of people, beautiful weather, absolutely gorgeous dogs (especially the litter of 4 five-month old sheep dog puppies). In the trials, there was one handler (from the States) who was 84 years old!!!! And the little sheep (each dog had a 4-sheep "herd" to maneuver and manipulate)-so sweet! There was one mini herd made up of three very obedient sheep, and one, who had either "gone stupid", or was a "rebel without a cause". Every chance he got, he would duck out away from the dog, or run straight at the dog (poor dog just looked at it- as if to say, "What the f...?")-once he even stayed with the herd rather unexpectedly)- confused the poor dog to no end!!!!! Finally, after the herding was completed, the other three sheep just turned their backs on the "rebel".
He kept on butting them in the behind (Aw c'mon, I was just having some fun....) but no go- they weren't interested! I also started a new project (damn that fall Interweave Knits magazine- lots of nice things in it!) This one is called "Breton Jacket", and I am making it out of some stash yarn. It is something I got from Robyn over at Red Bird Knits. Aran weight Wensleydale Longwool, dyed by the Fleece Artist gang especially for Red Bird Knits. The colour is a tonal, mottled moss-I adore it! It almost feels like it has mohair in it- due to the Wensleydale Lomgwool. Nice and soft, with good body. The gauge is a bit off, so I have to play with it a bit, and I don't plan on knitting a belt-I will either put a button on it, or else I will wear a leather belt with it- not yet decided. Since I lost 25 pounds (the all pain, have a knee replacement diet)-my clothes fit differently. So I am shaping this to fit well-on me, that means smaller in the hips than in the bust, with some short row shaping at the bust. This patterns lends itself well to that, since there are stocking stitch panels on either side. So far, so good!

Isn't it purty????????


Anonymous said...

you didnt start another sweater did you?

Mandy said...

Sounds like a wonderful date. :)