Friday, August 25, 2006

I got it-I got it!!!

Okay-enough whining here-I got me some loot! And without further ado, may I present............the BOX!
Okay-it came in a beautifully wrapped box,, and each thing was wrapped up in differently coloured tissue-it was really lovely-but, well, I was, um, anxious! So I ripped it all open before I took a picture of it!!!! Inside-a lovely felted bag, some hand dyed (hand dyed!!!) yarn with a nice challenging pattern (toe up AND 2 circs), a little knitted goodie bag with a shell inside, a couple of little boxes-with some cool stitch markers and a Florida tag-and a journal. Now, my pal said she had a special note for me-hmmmmmm-must have forgotten it, hmmmmmm-look around a bit-oh here it is-IN the journal. OMG. This is what was in the note-
A gift certificate-for my own LEGGY CREATIONS! Yessirree- my secret pal was none other than Becky, from She is the person I have been telling you about with those awesome sock blockers. Go and see her store at It is worth the visit!!!!!! Thank you, Becky-it was well worth the wait!!!!!!! You done spoiled this old girl. Me happy.


margene said...

Becky is a sock queen! How wonderful for you and what a great package!

Samantha said...

Woohoo! What a great gift! :) Hooray for the posties! :)

Anonymous said...

woo hoo! what a nice gift!
secret knitter

DianeS said...

So glad your kit arrived, I was wondering if you were going to survive the wait!