Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday morning.....

Not much to report. We went up to Ottawa yesterday (my husband had to drop off some paperwork to the Ministry of Transport-the airplane stuff). I knit on Big Blue- think I might reknit the sleeves- I would like a tighter gauge. This sweater has been knit and reknit so often that it is starting to seem like I have knit two sweaters! We stopped off and had lunch at the inlaws in Kemptville. AND got our Christmas present (last Christmas)-a hand made quilt! Wait until you see it-it is absolutely stunning. I will take a picture of it and post it. The background is black-and the centre part is mitred squares with a bit of metallic in the fabrics. Stunning. We also spent some time in the Ottawa IKEA. Geesh I love that store-and if we had a local one, I know where I would spend my money! We didn't buy a whole lot (space issues in the SUV). The biggest purchase was a folding stool for my classroom (I need to look like I am still standing, but I need to sit-hence-tall stool). We did get a stuffed rat for the Boufmeister- he stayed with Nana, and has started to expect gifts when he is left on his own. He liked it- snuggled it last night in bed (yeah- we have a spoiled pooch-but I believe that if you are going to get a dog, then treat it like a family member-nothing gets me more riled up than when a family gets a dog and then ties it up outside all day-sometimes all night, too) (and then says that the dog prefers it that way) (for the love of Mike)-Must run- A. is having a friend over for a splash in the pool-must go help her tidy up her room a bit in case of rain-Ta!


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Samantha said...

Hey Deb, I got your square today! Thanks! :)