Thursday, August 24, 2006

What to do while you are still waiting...........

Edit: added later in the day:
It came! It came! I am a happy girl!!!!!!!
I will put pictures in tomorrow's blog-but let's just say-I have been spoiled !

Still waiting for that parcel to arrive- I thought for sure I am resigned to the fact that it will come-well, sometime. No amount of throwing up my fist to the sky and cursing the postal system, or doing the strange, contorted "package bringing" dance out on the lawn (and terrifying the neighbour's kids in the process) will help me at this point.
And so, I digress.
As some may know, I am quite interested in designing things. I do not fit easily into commercial patterns (for starters, my top half and my bottom half are of different sizes) I am also of, well, generous proportions. (I have two rather petite sisters-and when I was 15, I asked my dad, "What happened here????????" He said, "Well, you were made fast, and you were made in the dark." OMG. Never asked the man another thing again in my life!!!!!!!!!!) So I am used to adjusting patterns, or just starting from scratch. As well, math is not a challenge for me, so playing with the numbers is manageable. I often help others alter patterns (usually making the pattern bigger) But I had never designed for the general public. Enter Excellent bunch of people. AND they are okay with people who want to design, but have never taken the schooling to be "a designer". I had an idea (it seems AGES ago) for a baby bikini. Out of Cascade Fixation. And in leopard print. With frills on the bum. The wee babe up the street was my model. Enter Knitty . They published the pattern. And that started me on designing other things. Coats, sweaters, Hawaiian costumes, whatever could be imagined and knit.
And now I have another pattern in the works-the editors want me to write my bio-100 words or less-so I had better get cracking and get that done.
While waiting for the mailman.


Samantha said...

Waiting for a parcel is so hard. The waiting is murder. And once you get it you'll sigh and think "hooray it's here" and then you'll miss the excitement of the waiting. LOL

LMAO @ what your dad said to you. Too funny! That sounds like something my dad would have said.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the package. i'll try not to makeyou wait for the post. i won't even tell you when i''m mailing it :) congrats on th publish. and good luck with the bio :) secret knitter

Becky in FL said...

100 words or less hmmm....

Deb can be summed up as a high energy, creative soul that brings imagination to all things whether it be the classroom or her personal life. Her passion for designing knitwear is one of those happy things that happens when you combine curiosity, a passion for knitting, and an inventive nature.

knitting gal from gaspe said...

Deb, I hope you get the box today, The waiting part is all the fun .

Peg said...

Oh, but waiting for the mailman is frustrating! I love the model and the baby bikini! Too cute!
I have just completed my second shrug and would like to make them up for children - they are a rectangle, folded in half and then stitched up two sides to make arm holes. I need a model! It is the round little chests and the chubby arms - my GDs are now 16 and 13, so they are no help. Besides they are in Germany for 4 years!