Sunday, March 25, 2007


First off, this is a shot of "the boys" watching the races on a Sunday afternoon. All they need is a beer and a dog cookie (and I am not saying who gets what!) And yes, Bear often crosses his paws like that.

I have lots of progress to report- for one thing- BIG BLUE is finally done! I had sleeves on, sleeves off, different sleeves-you name it-even different buttons. But I have finally decided to finish the poor thing- with narrow sleeves and an extra big collar. It is currently lounging on the drying towel- after a swish in the sink to block it. Bear spends his time trying to roll on it, and to give his face a wee bit of a wash while he's at it. Bad puppy. Every time I take the big towel out and lay it on the floor, Bear seems to think I am doing it for his pleasure- he gets himself on it, couple of twirls around, and settles in for a snooze. Anyhow, better pictures when Big Blue is dry. (That is the "proof picture"- that it really IS done!) (you can click on the sweater picture to make it big- and lighten it up a bit).

And my mother, bless her soul, volunteered to knit me some socks (with my yarn). I chose two kinds, to let her have her pick-and she knit them BOTH up! Aren't they gorgeous????? The one on the left is Opal Petticoat, and the one on the right is one of their newer yarns- "Feeling" in colour 1705. I'll be wearing a pair tomorrow, for sure!
The apple hat for the up coming baboo is made- and looks quite sweet. (I used Paton's Classic Merino in red, and I have no idea for the stem and leaf) The"way girlie" hat is halfway done- I used some hand dyed angora I had kicking around- in shades of blue and mauve- I think it will be quite sweet. It is all "yo, k2 tog" lace-in a swirl pattern, with a wee knitted flower on the side. I have one more to do-a bunny hat (baby is due around Easter)-and I have some "local" alpaca (the yarn is called Hidden Touch, 80% alpaca, 20% kid mohair, from Osgoode, Ontario) for that. This stuff is pure heaven- soft , lovely hand-if you want some of your own, their address is Hidden Touch, Nature's Way, 5815 Main St., Osgoode, Ontario, K0A 2W0. Each 100gm skein (3 ply) is about 230 yards, and I have no idea what they cost (this was a "stash enhancement" from a while ago, and I forgot to write the cost down. I thought it would make a great bunny hat for a baby.
I also worked for an hour or two on the Muskoka chair- I should have that done this week (May 10th is the gala).
So, all in all, a fairly productive weekend!


Miss Scarlett said...

Huh! My baby crosses her paws like that too. I have a not unsimilar pic of me and her from today.
Your Mom did such a nice thing knitting up your socks - what a treat.
Love those baby hats. Lucky little person.

DianeS said...

Gypsy says she likes that kind of snuggling and that we need a bigger couch!