Thursday, March 01, 2007

Did March come in like a lamb, or....???????

Does it count if the first day of March starts off nicely, with some sun and a promise of spring, then turns into a nightmare kind of a night????? Apparently, the weather is looking like freezing rain and then rain, and then snow-I know I have been doing the "freezing rain cancel the buses" dance for a couple of days (boy do I need a day at home)-one of my students asked me how to do the dance- I told them I really didn't know, since I can't seem to do it right-but wow- that is a whole lot of weather in one day! So what happens for the end of March? Start like a crazy thing and end up mellow? Hmmm.

Aren't these the coolest mittens? They are from the Morehouse Merino Knits book, and I was thinking- I have to go to a baby shower at the end of the month, and wouldn't some of these designs look grand as a little sweater? Like use the colours and stripes or dots on the bottom, and plain on the top (like the yoke) and then put some buggy eyes and antennae where the two meet! I think it would look sweet! The only thing- not sure if a girl or a boy is expected-so I wonder if some look more feminine? (I think lady bugs are more girlie, for some obscure reason) Hmm- we'll see. Any other ideas for a neat baby shower gift?
Oh- before I forget- I was checking out this new-to-me jewellery store-this one- -and I was sighing with all the beautiful necklaces and such (I love necklaces and pins). And my husband was peeking over my shoulder- I showed him one particularly lovely necklace, and he said, "Well, order it." Hunh? What did he say???????? So- before he could change his mind.............there are two that I have narrowed down-and as soon as it is ordered, I will show you my choice. But oh my- really spectacular pieces.
Off I go to do the report card shuffle...........................................................


DianeS said...

I like to wait until the wee one is actually in the arms of the parents before indulging in knitting cute little baby stuff. That way, I can fully enjoy the complete cuteness of all boy or all girl.

However, since the shower is coming up, how about one of those kimonos from Mason-Dixon Knitting, or a Baby Surprise Jacket from EZ?

Miss Scarlett said...

I agree - the Mason Dixon Kimono is so sweet and easily works for boy or girl.
I love the idea of those little sweaters have got to try one!