Thursday, March 22, 2007

One down................

So this is the first hat. I took Sarah Peasley's "Cameron's Cap" pattern- a freebie ( and, if I might add, a truly perfect hat pattern for all ages. It is shaped with short rows, so it fits extremely well. Anyhow, some Paton's Classic Merino, a couple of pompoms and some felt-and ta da! A Kermit the Frog Hat! I think it's kinda cute.
I found a pattern for flipper socks on the internet-here- except that I turned it so that the smooth side was out. I just liked it better. And, yes, I know, I have another flipper to finish.
Bear couldn't stand seeing those pompoms-it was all he could do not to chomp them!


DianeS said...

So maybe you could knit a hat and matching flippers for Bear?

Sarah said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!!

(And thanks for the compliment!)

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh that is too cute!
I'm not sure Bear believes what he sees.
The flippers are too much - how do people dream these fantastic things up??

Ruth said...

Very very cute! Love the flipper socks!