Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lots of pictures coming............

First off, this is what happens when a wee girl, all sleepy on a Sunday morning, decides she wants to lay down, in exactly the same spot as a giant Bear feels is his rightful throne? I am not entirely sure I would trust him enough to put MY nose that close to his tail!!!! (Once I mentioned that, she moved very, very quickly)

That stuffed basketball is Bear's most favourite toy these days. He is too funny. I don't think he had a whole lot in the way of toys when he was a pup. He is 18 months old, now, and he snuggles his toys, even when he sleeps.
In other news- I have been working on "the chair". It is coming along- see?
You can click for B-I-G. I still have to add details to the arms of the chair.
Here is an up close of the seat-I am not done this part yet-I still have to add sepia and black details. But there is enough there to give you an idea.
The back of the chair will be swirled blues and some yellow- with a few of Van Gogh's "stars" sprinkled in for good measure. I hope the thought of someone sitting on his masterpiece wouldn't have made Van Gogh cut off his other ear, but...? We'll never know.
I have been knitting on the Silk Stream sweater, and you know, I am concerned about weight and drape. It is quite soft, and I think the jacket needs a firm hand, so I think it is back to the drawing board for this one. I have the back (and the back of the sleeves) almost done-and man, it IS bright. But I got to thinking- I have some black silk (it is Fleece Artist, from way WAY back-before they started all the colours). The silk is ever so slightly tweedy-more of a dark charcoal. So I might figure out some way to use the two together. That mosaic piece in "No Sheep For You" is rather sweet, don't you think?

Or maybe I could try something like this from LaLana? (I copied this picture from their website)
Any other ideas out there?


freshisle said...

The chair is coming along beautifully. I'm thinking that's got to be extra hard to do because it's not really a totally flat surface - with the gaps between the wood for the back and the seat. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

thwe chair is so nice, too nice to sit on and could be used in doors.

DianeS said...

That chair just rocks! I wish I had a sunroom or something like that.

Bear is too funny. Our Gypsy is quite sure that my corner is her corner of the couch. I'm always having to nudge her over.

Miss Scarlett said...

Your chair is amazing!
You made me laugh about VG's ear too.
I think the Mosaic top would be an excellent choice. What a cool pattern.
"Bear. Pay no attention to comments concerning your tail end. I find it best to act like you don't understand at all. Settle in where you like and let the chips (ha!) fall where they may. There is more than one way to secure your throne! Nice basketball. I store my toys on my throne. When I am not using them they wait under the couch or some other clever spot." Kira
Clever spot? Would that be the middle of the floor - like where you hide leftover bits of food too?

Steph said...

THat chair is amazing. Wow. I'm in awe.

Anonymous said...

Your chair turned out divinely my dear. Wish it were mine!