Friday, March 09, 2007

Flushed Away
You must rent, buy, steal, whatever-you must watch this movie-it is an absolute scream! There are parts that are just plain funny-silly, and other parts that are more sophisticated-so that parents can get a kick out of it, as well. I've watched it twice now, and every time I watch it, I laugh some more!
By the way-anyone notice the lack of school buses on the streets? The pile of abandoned lunchboxes at the back door? The Big Giant Poodle Head wandering around, wondering why everyone is still in pyjamas?
Time to wander around with that extra cup of coffee. knitting in hand. Geesh I love a holiday.

Knitting, by the way, is taking the form of a snake scarf (kit from Morehouse Merino, via Destash blog)-for Annie. It is really quite clever-it is striping in a pea green/sunshine yellow combo-and she loves it. Pics later..............................

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Miss Scarlett said...

Hey - enjoy your SB holiday -- you guys are a week ahead of us. But for me SB is more work since I take care of kids who are OUT of school. Ah well, we have some really fun trips planned and so far our numbers are pretty low so we should have a blast.