Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I got it, and I am on a website

Yeah, my husband took a picture of the airplane, and I happened to be in it (imagine!) So he sent the pic off to the guys who supplied the engine to the airplane-and they put it on their web site! Here- http://rotecradialengines.com/customers/MurphyRebel.htm You can have a peek at the story of the airplane-quite interesting. I am the one in hot pink (ya gotta love schizo pink-it's my favourite colour).
And I went to the mailbox today- and I got a little parcel-all wrapped up-lots of padding-it was my necklace!~ All wrapped like a present-nice gauzy ribbon- and what's that attached to the ribbon????? STITCH MARKERS!!!!!!!! (girl after my own heart!)And my beautiful necklace inside (see yesterday's post) Oh it is such a beautiful thing- dainty and pretty-Ruth has done a beautiful job on it. Thank you Sean! Thank you Ruth! I love it!
Edited later-this is the picture I was talking about- some people had trouble getting there-


ruby said...

i am so jealous but love my jewellery i got from her. also. will take a look at the plane

Ruth said...

I'm so glad you like it :) It's a lovely feeling to know my little labour of love has gone to a happy home!

Samantha said...

The link won't work, so I can't see the picture. :(

I love getting parcels in the mailbox ... fun times! :)

Miss Scarlett said...

I couldn't find the picture but congrats! That is fun.
and YAY for your necklace arriving so quickly - what a bonus.

Beck in FL said...

I got a copy of the "No Sheep" book with your pattern in it! GRIN. Love the pattern, and the book! Hugs to Bear!