Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Decisions, decisions......

One of the itinerant teachers to our school is having a baby, (number two) and she turned down our offer to have a baby shower. So, of course, we are still going to have one- but this is a book shower-hey, we're all teachers, so it works. So, everybody is to hand over $$$ and the committee is going to go out and buy books. Everybody, that is, except me. Why? As it was put to me....."Well, I know you knit, so we thought you would do a little knitted something or other". Yeah, while everyone else gets to hand over cash and the present and wrapping is all done for them. Hmmm. Not quite sure what to think. But anyway, I have decided to make a mini-wardrobe of baby hats- there are so many out there on the web these days. So, I have a froggie one started (have one flipper bootie made to go with it), and I thought I needed to do a bunny hat (baby is due in about a month), and the kitten hat out of the "Vogue on the Go" series for babies (I think it is actually a second volume? I will have to check it). And...? Any other ideas out there? We have not had confirmation that it is a girl or a boy (wee babe likes to keep the knees crossed during those peek-a-boo scans!) But the mother is quite sure it is a girl. (I do think soon to be mommies have a sense of who they are about to meet, don't you?) So I do want to make something truly girlie (maybe an angora one, or that cute cupcake hat I have seen out there as a freebie.
Soooo- here's the question...
Should I make the Viking hat?
Or a lady bug?
Love that leafy one, too (or maybe it is just that sweet baby!)
So tell me-do you have any great ideas for baby hats?
PS- All of these hats were on a website of free patterns- here- http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory.php under baby hats. Great site, by the way.


DianeS said...

The Viking hat...you can always put yellow braids on it!

DianeS said...

Scroll down and listen to Eric the Awful (it's what made me vote for Viking hat).

Miss Scarlett said...

The Viking Hat!

What a great idea - nice to be volunteered isn't it? The hats are a great idea though.

Have fun.