Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Boy

You know, I really AM knitting. I just finished working on the Funky Scarf Swap -I just need to sew in the ends, and then off it goes. And I am working on the various and sundry sweaters that I have going-mostly Big Blue, and the entrelac, and the moss green one. But I had to stop for a bit and show you my new boy, all washed and pretty. Don't we look happy?


knitting gal from gaspe said...

He is so cute, hope he will like me whrn I see him

DianeS said...

He is just so handsome...are you still considering a new name for him? How about Bob? We're considering naming a future beast Helpful Harriet (or Harry) since all our critters seem to think that I need constant supervision and assistance.