Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Almost Boo Day

So here it is- the night before Halloween- when all through the house, the sound of squirming and hurrying could be heard-"I need healthy snacks for tomorrow's party" and "My tail won't stay on since the dog tried to eat it", with a little "Hon, do you have my clean orange t-shirt?" (as in what do I want with his clean orange t-shirt??) Soon, my pretties- soon I will have the witch hat on, and I will be in charge.

Added on later-
Just read over my entry- pretty glum. Gotta get over that! As promised, here is a picture of my "loot" from SP9- I only added one ball of each to show you- the Paintbox is lovely (yes, even though it has blue in it!) and the hand dyed sock yarn- excellent colours for me! (Thank you again, SP9).

A. went out to Brownies tonight with her black cat costume on-she looked really sweet-but Bear wouldn't let go of her tail! And then he bunted her with his head and chest a few times- all the while laughing his head off!!!!! He is such a funny beastie. We have decided that he is going to go out on Halloween as a big white dog. He has got the costume bang on! On to other news about the Bear-We are very worried about him- seems he might have some previously undisclosed health issues. He has had the *ahem* runs since we got him, and since the vet has eliminated parasites, food allergies, stress, etc., he thinks that now he wants to test for some other more serious things. This has me very worried.

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duchessofgravity said...

sorry to hear the pooch has tuimmy problems...have you tried cooking for him? i've bolied ground turkey rolled oats and brown rice for the beastie before and had it help out. dunno if you want to try that but it might help. could also be the change in diet...what were they feeding him before? hope that helps. happy halloween :)