Thursday, October 19, 2006

I got me a Funky Scarf!

Ta da! Annie and Bear got into the show-Annie loves the scarf- keeps on patting it- and well, Bear goes wherever Annie goes! Isn't the scarf cool? It is from Lesley at Duchess of Gravity (see her here), and, clever little bird that she is- she made it out of recycled silk shirts!!!!!! She also included some lovely tea (a yummy green and white tea blend), a postcard of Denver, Colorado, and a hysterical card- that has all of the tags from the shirts on it!!!! (The card even looks like a shirt!) Thank you, Lesley- you have truly outshone yourself!!!!
And as for Bear (whom I call Bruce most of the time)-although I should call him Walter (hey- you know the book- "Walter, the Farting Dog")(now you know more than you want to know)- is most interested in destroying an entire couch.

He looks fairly harmless, right????????

On to other news- spent a lovely evening at a local Starbucks with the Kingston SnB girls-heard some great news (way to go, Jen), and had great conversation! Thanks, ladies!


miss ewe said...

That dog has the sweetest face -- careful, or he'll be getting away with lots!!!

duchessofgravity said...

hahha. i wish i had kno i have more than i know what to do with...1 pound every week. sheesh. even i can't drink all that! glad you liked the package :)