Monday, June 05, 2006

It is now done!!!!! "It" being something quite interesting for the new book by Amy and Jillian (the one that is made up of designs that do not use wool). It was a really fun project- mostly because of the choice of yarn-this absolutely decadent silk!!!!!! I can hardly wait to see the book!!!!!!!!
Now- on to other things- this time for me. I am in the process of knitting a jacket for myself- out of Fleece Artist yarns. It is modular-with lapels/fronts knit out a different yarn. I think it is going to be something quite interesting- I will try to get pics when it looks more like what I have in my head!!!!!
To end- and to borrow from a blogging friend-(
I really like...............................
-watching my little girl sleep
-feeling Fleece Artist yarns (and Handmaiden yarns)
-homemade blueberry pancakes
-on the topic of food-turkey dinner with all the trimmings (my mom always makes me that for my birthday-with graham cracker crumb cake with raspberry jam filling and seafoam icing) oh my!
-dappled light and shade in the woods
-snuggling in bed with a really good book (okay- and a warm husband!!!!!!!!)
-my wedding ring (it is a design called "Water Ring", handcrafted in gold by Kim Snyder-because water, like love, should have no beginning and no end, as in a full circle)
-hand knit socks
-just about anything my dog, Boufie, does when he comes in from the rain

Catch you tomorrow!

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