Saturday, June 10, 2006

This is a knee post. For those of you who do not know me-I have had knee problems for years. I have had many many knee surgeries. And, last March 24th (my mom's birthday in fact) I had a total knee replacement. Yeah, I know-everyone celebrates their mother's birthday in different ways. Anyhow, for the last week or so, the knee (which had been doing fairly well, I thought) went for a bit of a dump. Hurts. Stiff. Swollen(foot and leg, too). I had an "assessment" at the physio therapist's yesterday- and she felt I needed a couple of days of "going really really easy" on the leg. Using my cane all the time. Resting it. Dialing back on my exercises. And she'll see me on Monday. So- that means sitting around when there is all kinds of stuff to do. And tidy. And fix. And garden. Bleh. Double bleh. I might post again this weekend. Stay tuned for a truly boring post. Like this one.
Colour me bummed.

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