Friday, June 23, 2006

Sand dollars and little girls and what to do with a sleeve

Remember when you were a kid and finding a sand dollar on the beach meant magical things? My daughter had never found one, but had read about them and thought they were just the coolest things around. Enter a good friend of mine- she heard about A's love of seashells and sand dollars and such- so she gave A not one but TWO sand dollars. A. slipped them into bed with her last night (she is 8, remember) and, disaster struck! This morning, one of her lovely treasures was in pieces. And, of course, her heart was broken. Luckily, one of the sand dollars is whole. But the poor little kid.

I have been working like mad on my Secret Pal Sock Kit Swap. The bag is, oh, about 75% completed. I am quite pleased with it. The sock yarn is on order. I have some ideas for other things to put in the bag-any suggestions for things you have gotten (or given) that worked out really well?

I am also working away on my blue sweater. I tried the pink Ottawa for the sleeves. Unh-unh. No go. Looks like the circus stopped for a visit and they lost a clown. Sooooooo-ebay to the rescue. Found the same colour of Silk Stream, on a "Buy It Now"- good enough! So the sleeves will be blue. Now I have to decide whether they will be plain knit or modular diamonds. I am leaning toward the plain, but we'll see.

Tonight is my staff party. As well, the boss is retiring, so it doubles as a retirement party. I was asked to paint a picture (watercolour) of the school as one of his gifts. So- that is done-out to be framed-looking forward to seeing what he says about it.

Have a good weekend!

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Rhonda said...

At least one sand dollar is in tack. One suggestion for the sock bag is stitch markers, There are alot of them out there now, pretty beaded ones , my daughter keeps making them for me. I think you can never have enough.