Monday, June 19, 2006

Sock Kit swap

This is so so cool. I signed up for this sock kit swap(see the questionnaire from the weekend)- you have to make a special bag, and then you fill it up with yarn and pattern and treats and whatever! The person who is giving to me has contacted me and sounds very nice. I have emailed my person, and ditto on the very nice. But I can't believe how excited I am!!!!!! It's like Christmas in July! (or June, depending on whether or not everything happens this month). Now- the person giving to me reads this blog- let's see if I can enlighten her a bit about me........
Hmmmmmmmm. Heavily into modular knitting lately. Design my own patterns mostly. Love dogs and kids and monkeys. I LOVE white chocolate (can't eat the brown kind- I should have specified when I said I can't eat chocolate). When I was in Belgium (my one and only trip to Europe in 1991- I was teaching, actually, and den mother to 80 Grade 12 and OAC kids from Canada)-I fell in love with these truffles- they were soft and creamy white chocolate on the inside, and rich white chocolate or crushed pistachios on the outside. (OOps- just have to wipe some drool off the monitor here). Hmmmm-what else? Well- anyone who knows me- leave something in the comments that my secret pal can use, okay? Thanks!

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