Sunday, April 01, 2007

This is Bear-

I love this picture of Bear- he looks like a punch drunk puppy- doesn't he? He has a piece of chewbone in his mouth-and Annie's hockey helmet on. Poor guy- he doesn't know how entertained I am by this picture.

Speaking of pictures- check this out- this is in one of Lavold's books, and I just fell in love with it. And, had the Lavold angora on for half price, and in the bright red, and soooooooooo..... well, you can guess what happened. This sweater is for the next Christmas season, so I figure I have lots of time to make it. I think I might modify the sleeve- I don't usually do well with a dropped shoulder. We'll see. And I could wear it over black? Or dark gray? Or..? I think it will look quite smart.
Annie just got back from an overnight Brownie camp- and man- is she pooped! Off to go hose her down..........


Mandy said...

That's such a beautiful design. I have often considered it, but always end up deciding it is too romantic for me... I look forward to seeing yours. :)

DianeS said...

That's is a terrific looking sweater (and yet another one to add to my growing list of "wanna knits"). Bear is too funny in that pic.

EnnaVic said...

Hi - a few comments in one go :)

1. Thanks for the heads up about the Knitters Treat Exchange. I have thought about doing one of the exchanges before but most of them are a bit difficult for me to manage $$wise at the moment. KTE is within range so I joined up and am looking forward to it.

2. The cardigan is gorgeous - and I don't mind the dropped sleeves but I'd have to change the cuffs if I was knitting it as I'm a grub and the sleeves would end up messy all the time.

3. I hope Annie had a great time on her Brownie Sleepover. I can relate to the tiredness - I'm a Guide leader and us leaders get wiped out on these things too. After a Guide Jamboree (8-10 days in tents) I sleep for 24 hours straight.

I'm really enjoying your blog - I found it from a comment you made over at Yarn Harlot (the one about the Starry Starry Night chair as I am a Van Gogh fan :))