Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wow- what a haul!!!!

Well, It's like this- I won a contest, for being the 201st commenter, over at Knittnfool (here- http://missscarlett.wordpress.com/) And this is what Michelle sent!!!! A beautiful skein of Spunky Electric- "speedy super"- a sport weight merino(Pie in the Sky), a pattern for socks, a pattern for a cool belt, knitting needles (metal ones! I do love me good metal needles), seeds for my garden (how could she know how barren my garden is looking these days???) darning needles, chocolate (okay- so I am showing the box only- my bad), and, down in the bottom- a treat can for Mr. Bear!!!! (filled with doggy breath mints) It seems that Kira was able to sneak something into the envelope for Bear-and Bear, well, he was so pleased. He shook hands, he "High fived"- did all his tricks.
Thank you, Michelle! I love it all!!!!!


Miss Scarlett said...

I am so glad that you got your package and that you are happy with everything.
That is wonderful.

Kira sends you a High 5 back Bear!!

freshisle said...

What a wonderful prize!
Your finished chair is spectacular. I'm sure it will do well.