Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pink Suede Shoes

Tonight, my little girl is at a sleepover, and my husband and I decided it was time to just kick back and relax. We went out to a local "greasy spoon" for some of the best clubhouse sandwiches we have ever had (real turkey, shaved, lots of it, bacon, tomato, lettuce, a touch of mayo, with great fries and oil and vinegar coleslaw) (yee ha!) And the little shop down thew way from this place is a shoe store. "Thanasis Shoe Store and Repair Co."-one of Kingston's best kept secrets (email me if you want a phone number or an address) We were looking in the window- at the new Birks, and then I saw them-the "I MUST have those shoes" kind of shoes. I went in, tried them on-perfect fir- I fell in love with them- and bingo bango- I now have my early Mother's Day gift from my husband. And, without further ado- here are my new Mephisto Special Edition Allrounders- (aside....when I tried them on, my husband told the owner that I make all my socks-and then he said-"Hey, Deb- You should get these shoes- they will show off all of your hand made socks!!!!!!" The owner just kind of rolled his eyes at us, but...I am so pleased that my husband "gets" my socks. And yes, he has hand knit socks, too)
For all of you who are looking for specialty shoes in Canada- this store stocks many kinds, many brands-I don't know if they ship, but the service is spectacular, it is worth a visit.
They are the special "Breast Cancer Support" edition ($10 from every pair gets donated). I have wide feet (and big feet, as well) and these fit like a glove. While I was there, the owner suggested a lift for my Birkenstocks- to make them easier on my "plantar fascitis"sp????-so, for $30, I said, "Sure!"
My husband really is a keeper, don't you think?


knitting gal from gaspe said...

boy oh boy are you ever being spoiled this year, but you deserve it , off to Que tomorrow wuth the MKG. talk to you later

DianeS said...

Presents are always good! I saw a pair of sandals today that were mighty cute today but left them at the store. I decided it was better to wait on them.

Ruth said...

Very cool shoes!

Miss Scarlett said...

I love those shoes!