Saturday, April 14, 2007

And we have a winner!!!!!!!!!!

I actually had a total of 19 suggestions-in my little "Name the Big Furry Sheep" Contest- and the ideas were truly marvellous. Now, remember- in this family, when left to our own devices, we name things in totally odd ways- our last dog was Mr. Boufu Butterscotch, with a runner up name of Colonel Joe Pinocchio-and yes, people were worried when we had a baby-sooooo, I figured I would let "the expert" choose the name. The expert is, of course, my 9 year old daughter- when she was a wee toddler, she "created" a large, integrated family of invisible mice-Clown Face was the patriarch, Daisy was one (!) of his wives , Ruby, Angel, and thousands of little baby mice- they used to drive around in a rainbow glitter limousine (in fact, when driving along in our car, she would often point out the window and tell us that the mousies were just barely catching up to us) Anyhow, imagination is not a small commodity in this house.
And the winner is............................RAMSES (ikkinlala was the email name)
And, because there was a need for a last name.............WOOLINGTON (Renee of Froggie Meanie)
So winners- send me your full names and snail mail addresses- so I can send you something luscious in the mail! (Oh- and an idea of colours you like might be of some help-if I have something in the stash that might work) My email is debDOTseanATsympaticoDOTca (and take out the BOLD words and replace with the right stuff- you know the drill)
Thanks to everyone for sending in their suggestions!!!

PS- My husband feels that he has been slighted- he named the big sheep Lam-bo, after a super high-end Lamborghini extreme sports vehicle (the nickname for it was the Rambo Lam-bo)I can't see the resemblance. You? Tee hee

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DianeS said...

Well, a sheep has to have wheels, right?